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Why is Jihyo the Leader of Twice

The leader of the Korean idol group is often the oldest, but in TWICE, Jihyo, the middle child, is the leader.

Jihyo may not be the oldest, but she is recognized as the best leader by both members and fans.

In this article, we will introduce how the TWICE leader was decided, why Jihyo is so praised as a leader, and why Jihyo is suitable as a leader.

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How Do They Decide on Who Should Be the Leader of TWICE?

Why is Jihyo the Leader of Twice, Why was Jihyo chosen as leader?, Is Jihyo the best leader?, How old was Jihyo when she joined JYP?, why is jihyo the leader of twice, how did jihyo become the leader of twice, Who is the leader of TWICE?, How did Jihyo became the leader of TWICE?,
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When Korean idols introduce themselves, they appeal not only to their names but also to their individuality such as their position in the group and catchphrase.

TWICE is no exception, and Jihyo, the leader and main vocalist, introduces herself as “TWICE’s Mike, leader Jihyo”, so naturally, the leader of TWICE has become established as Jihyo.

Then, when she was about to reach the sixth year since her debut, she revealed for the first time how she was selected as the leader in the program that appeared during her activities in “Alcohol-Free”.

At TWICE, they always made a majority vote when deciding something, and even when Jihyo was decided to be the leader, it was the result of voting anonymously.

The fact that all the members are able to get along with each other without leaving any of them is a big achievement of the leader Jihyo, and the member Momo says, “If Jihyo was not the leader, I couldn’t come this far.” That’s about it.

It is understandable that Jihyo’s qualities as a leader have already been recognized among the members since the group was formed.

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Reasons Why Jihyo is the Best TWICE Leader

Why is Jihyo the Leader of Twice, Why was Jihyo chosen as leader?, Is Jihyo the best leader?, How old was Jihyo when she joined JYP?, why is jihyo the leader of twice, how did jihyo become the leader of twice, Who is the leader of TWICE?, How did Jihyo became the leader of TWICE?,
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① Length of Trainee Period

Jihyo has devoted more than half of her life to her dream of becoming a singer.

She joined JYP as a trainee at the age of 8 and spared no effort for 10 years until he made her debut at the age of 18. TWICE decides things by majority vote to maintain fairness. The leader was also decided by a voting system, but it was the length of Jihyo’s trainee period that all the members considered when voting.

At JYP, the trainees will show off their given singing and dancing tasks every month, and a month-end evaluation will be held to test their ability to grow.

Jihyo has completed 10 years of trainee life in a harsh world where the trainees who were judged to be unable to make their debut due to lack of effort and growth were forced to leave the company.

The strength of the relationship of trust that Jihyo has built up with the members and JYP officials is also the reason why Jihyo is suitable as a leader.

② Truth, Honesty, and Humility

In SIXTEEN’s 7th broadcast, Park Jin-young cites “truth, honesty, and humility” as the human resources that JYP seeks from trainees, and if they do not have excellent humanity as a person before being an excellent singer. I told you it wouldn’t be.

The truth is that she is a good person who does not do anything that cannot be shown in front of the media, such as slander and laziness, even in private, and has nothing to hide. Sincerity means, no matter how famous a big star you become, don’t forget your original intention and spare no effort to improve your ability.

Humility means gratitude to the fans who support us and the staff who work for us. No matter how successful you become as a singer and become a big star, its popularity is only temporary unless it is true, humble, and sincere.

However, the more truthful, humble, and sincere you are, the more you will continue to be loved by your fans and stakeholders. In the 7th broadcast of SIXTEEN, as a result of voting for trainees who meet the three conditions that JYP requires from artists, Jihyo’s name was cast from most of the debut candidates who were appearing.

By becoming the leader, Jihyo, whose personality has already been completed even before her debut, Jihyo’s attitude will serve as a model for the members. Even after debuting TWICE, Jihyo became a hot topic among fans by showing the members truth, sincerity, and humility.

Jihyo cautioned Nayeon and Jeongyeon, who were chatting with each other during the speech by another artist at the music award ceremony, to be quiet. It’s because Jihyo has respect for other artists, and that’s why she wants other members to do the same.

Jihyo, whose appearance and ability have already been recognized, was once again highly evaluated as an excellent leader in this case.

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③ 3 Leaders

TWICE decided the leader by an anonymous majority vote, but it was JYP’s president, Park Jin Young, who decides who should be the leader.

Shortly after the survival audition program SIXTEEN ended and the long-awaited JYP new star girl group TWICE was born, President Park Jin Young gathered all the members and had dinner.

At that time, Park Jin Young will talk about what kind of leader should be in conducting group activities from now on.


There are three main conditions for a person to be a leader, as mentioned by Park Jin Young.

First of all, those who do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves. Next, when a problem occurs between groups, a person can discuss and resolve the opinions of both parties.

Lastly, be a person who always serves as a model for the members, based on two conditions.

He taught TWICE that choosing members who can fulfill these requirements is the key to the survival and success of the group.

Based on Jihyo’s experience so far, she will be advised by Park Jin Young to discuss and decide. No matter how attractive and talented members are gathered together if the group is aiming in the same direction and has one feeling, the true ability of each individual cannot be demonstrated.

To that end, it is essential to have a leader who has the leadership to bring the team together.

Since the time of SIXTEEN, the importance of leaders has been talked about many times, but TWICE and others who received advice from Park Jin Young once again decided on Jihyo, who is the ideal leader image herself.

And as expected, Jihyo showed us a scene where she was willing to sacrifice herself and was devoted to making the members shine as a leader.

Even in music programs, Jihyo stands in the back, inconspicuously, with the other members standing in front of the camera first.

The appearance is cute, the ability is high, and despite having all the elements that can succeed as an idol, when you see that the members are trying to make them shine more without being greedy, it is other than Jihyo. You can see that there is no suitable leader.

④ Take Good Care of Her Co-members

The reason why Jihyo is the best leader is that she takes good care of her co-members. All members of TWICE have a kind heart and support each other, but the leader, Jihyo, cares a lot about the other eight members.

When recording on location outside, the members provided fan service to the fans who rushed to see TWICE at a glance, but only Jihyo was counting whether all the members were together with a rugged face.

In addition, when insects appeared on the stage, she also protected Momo who is afraid of insects.

And even when the members are in trouble, Jihyo will never miss it and will not leave it as it is.

When Sana was on fire due to the Reiwa turmoil, Sana was on the far left with a dark expression on the encore stage of the music program that appeared with a painful feeling.

Jihyo was on the far right from Sana, but when she noticed Sana who had fallen down, Jihyo immediately went to Sana’s side.

In this way, Jihyo is ready to reach out to help members whenever they are in trouble, so you can see that Jihyo’s good care is proof that she is a good leader.

⑤ Absolute Trust

Jihyo is true, sincere, humble, and has a high level of talent as a leader, but another reason why Jihyo is the best choice for a leader is because of the amount of absolute trust that is firmly tied to her. While the leader is sacrificed to make the members shine, the members also try to help and support the leader.

It is the 7th anniversary of TWICE which they have reached as of 2022 as a result of continuing activities while uniting and supporting each other because they indeed have a solid relationship of trust between the leader Jihyo and the members.

It seems that the efforts of leader Jihyo are very great for the fact that everyone from the group was close to each other and came without losing popularity. That’s how important trust is in the leader.

In addition, Jihyo raised the singing ability of TWICE as a whole with the main vocal, pulled the group powerfully in terms of performance, and gently returned love to the fans who supported her.

Jihyo, who has always been serious and has worked hard at all times, has built up a sense of trust with her fans over time. Such a figure of Jihyo is also shown in the questionnaire “Best leader of Korean idols” at Naver, a major search site in South Korea.

Jihyo was the only female idol group to be ranked while the top 10 were announced and the names of the male idol groups were all listed from 1st to 9th. Among the female idol groups, Jihyo was evaluated as suitable for the number one leader.

Not only the members but also the fans have strong trust, so it seems that TWICE has a sense of security that Jihyo is the leader.

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