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NMIXX Sullyoon

NMIXX has surprised the whole KPOP world with its rising idol members. While others may already have chosen their own NMIXX bias, we will introduce the member who is in charge of the visual which is NMIXX Sullyoon. Scroll down to this post and get to know NMIXX Sullyoon fully! Sullyoon’s Profile Stage name: Sullyoon …

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NMIXX Leader Haewon

K-pop, which is causing a stir all over the world, is currently transitioning to the fourth generation, and NMIXX is expected to represent the new generation as soon as possible. In this article, we will introduce in detail the new NMIXX Leader Haewon, who is a rising idol! Let’s get started. Haewon’s Profile Stage Name: …

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NMIXX Popularity Ranking

Debuting in February 2022, NMIXX is the most dynamic group right now and is already on its way up the stardom ladder. Since NMIXX is still in the midst of gaining a fixed number of fans, individual popularity has not been determined yet officially, but we will introduce the NMIXX Popularity Ranking of members at …

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NMIXX Member Profile

NMIXX is JYP’S big new idol group which debuted on February 22, 2022. All the members are so talented that they can serve as the center of the girl group both visually and vocally. From the general profile information of such NMIXX members, we will also introduce a little information about this new girl group …

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