NMIXX Leader Haewon, Who is the leader of NMIXX?, Why is Haewon Chosen as NMIXX leader?, What makes Haewon as NMIXX leader?, Why is Haewon the leader in NMIXX?, What is Haewon's Charm as NMIXX leader?, Personality of NMIXX leader Haewon,

NMIXX Leader Haewon

K-pop, which is causing a stir all over the world, is currently transitioning to the fourth generation, and NMIXX is expected to represent the new generation as soon as possible.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the new NMIXX Leader Haewon, who is a rising idol! Let’s get started.

Haewon’s Profile

NMIXX Leader Haewon,
Who is the leader of NMIXX?,
Why is Haewon Chosen as NMIXX leader?,
What makes Haewon as NMIXX leader?,
Why is Haewon the leader in NMIXX?,
What is Haewon's Charm as NMIXX leader?,
Personality of NMIXX leader Haewon,

Stage Name: Haewon (Hangul: 해원 / English: HAEWON)

Real Name: Oh Hye-won (Hangul: 오해원 / English: Oh Hae-Won)

Date of Birth: February 25, 2003 (20 years old in Korea, 19 years old in Japan)

Birthplace: Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea

High School attended: Incheon Nonhyeon High School

Affiliation: JYP Entertainment

Height/Weight:166cm/Not disclosed

Blood Type: O Type

Hobbies/Skills: Yoga while sleeping

Image Source: Pinterest

When Haewon was in kindergarten, she and her good sister, who loved K-pop idols, always watched music programs, and naturally began to dream of becoming an idol singer. When she entered elementary school, her dream of becoming a singer someday became clearer for her.

The trigger for this was a song called “Demons of Imagine Dragons” that her English teacher listened to. Even though he didn’t understand the lyrics of the song in English, Hae-won felt as if something resonated inside of her, and she wanted to give this emotion that she felt to others.

In 2017, while attending ASEA Practical Music School, she auditioned for JYP and passed it with flying colors. She knew from this moment that she was getting closer and closer to her dream.

Nayeon of TWICE, who has been famous as a trainee with high ability since her days as a trainee, said that she was once entrusted with an evaluation at the end of the month by an office staff member, saying, “She’s a good singer and dancer, so I want you to see her.” 

As Nayeon says that she was actually very good at singing and dancing and was impressive, Haewon won first place in the trainee evaluation and was once given a trip to LA as a reward by the president, Park Jin-young. By the way, it was Lily, a fellow NMIXX member, who won second place in the trainee evaluation at this time and went on a trip to LA.

NMIXX Leader Haewon, Who is the leader of NMIXX?, Why is Haewon Chosen as NMIXX leader?, What makes Haewon as NMIXX leader?, Why is Haewon the leader in NMIXX?, What is Haewon's Charm as NMIXX leader?, Personality of NMIXX leader Haewon,
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After about 4 years of trainee life, on February 22, 2022, she will fulfill her dream of debuting as a leader of NMIXX. About a month after their debut, Lily, a fellow NMIXX member, and classmate released a high school graduation Vlog, which received congratulatory comments from fans.

After graduating from Incheon Nonhyeon High School, she did not go to university, and now she is concentrating on entertainment activities as an idol. 

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How and Why Did Haewon Become a Leader? 

Although she is known as the leader of NMIXX, the circumstances under which Hae-won was chosen as the leader have not been officially released so far. 

However, all the members who served as leaders in the group that debuted from JYP are all personalities. It’s already been proven by senior idol group leaders such as TWICE’s Jihyo and ITZY’s Jerzy.

President Park Jin-young has been talking about many times in the media, and the three human resources that JYP is looking for, “truth, sincerity, and humility,” are famous, but in fact, JYP also has three leadership principles. 

It is “a person who is willing to sacrifice for the group, a person who can solve problems by summarizing the opinions of the members, and a person who serves as a role model for the members.” In fact, the words Hae-won said when she asked for advice from Park Jin-young to become a good leader of NMIXX were similar to these.

It’s “the more you are strict with yourself and sweet to others, the better the group will be.”

Although it is still early days since her debut, Hae-won has done her job as a leader well, such as talking about the NMIXX team without talking too much about himself as advised, and inspiring the members when shooting in a tough environment.

The reason why Haewon was chosen as the leader of NMIXX is reflected in her actions. The reason why JYP has judged that she has the talent to be a leader in addition to possessing the talent she is looking for is precise because Haewon has such an excellent personality.

What is the Charm of Haewon?

Diverse Singing Voice and Singing Abilities 

Before her debut, when the cover video of Haewon’s Coldplay X BTS’ “My Universe” was released, her moist and gentle singing voice became a hot topic.

NMIXX was known to have high skills, but while she was expected to make her debut, especially if her vocal side was strong, her polite and beautiful high-pitched singing voice was like an angel, and she attracted more and more attention as a promising newcomer idol. 

Just when it was thought that she would be active with such a neat and refreshing singing voice as a weapon, a video covering “Survivor” by Lily, the main vocalist, and Destiny’s Child was released. It was a masterful performance that overturned Haewon’s image as a pure girl at once.

The figure singing with a thick singing voice with a core is like a different person. 

While adding strength and weakness to the voices, they do not interfere with each other’s songs, but rather complement each other beautifully while harmonizing with each other.

Since her debut, she has continued to attract many fans with her fierce dancing but the unwavering singing voice on a stage that does not seem to be a newcomer.

Recently, she injured her ankle and she can’t dance, so she ended up performing while sitting, but she showed off her wonderful singing ability that never wanes even when she is sitting.

In addition to the stage, she also performs live Acappella in the dressing room, and I am amazed at how good Haewon sings without a microphone or echo.


Haewon, who has the ability to freely handle a variety of singing voices as if they were musical instruments, is an attractive vocalist. 

Lumps of Gaps 

Haewon looks like a fair-skinned, ephemeral, elegant, and innocent girl herself, but there is a cool atmosphere that is somewhat unapproachable. 

Haewon, the leader of NMIXX’s older sister line, is a solid person who brings the members together but combined with the cool atmosphere, it is easy to get the first impression that she looks cold and scary. However, the real Haewon is a very funny older sister who understands comedy. 

Although she looks elegant and quiet, she makes a series of interesting remarks with a calm and precise accuracy. 

Before her debut, it was expected that she would be a lady like TWICE Mina and a gentle personality, but Haewon’s outstanding sense of comedy has greatly betrayed the expectations of fans in a good way.

Although she is a perfect superhuman who has good visuals and is good at singing and dancing, she is expected to be active in variety because of the gap between being interesting.

In addition, Haewon sometimes has provocative expressions and actions that cannot be imagined from her neat appearance and has been nicknamed Neat and Clean Yankee by Japanese fans.

For example, in the ending fairy of the music show, while the other members show cute and refreshing expressions, only Haewon decides to ruffle her hair and stare at the camera.


In addition, during the fan meeting, she made a cheeky expression with the gal piece that is currently very popular in Korea to appeal to the public and showed a charm that was far from the elegant appearance.

Haewon’s sense of gal and the cool girl at the top of the school caste has captured the hearts of many Japanese fans.  She seems to be pure but strong like a Yankee, has a sense of comedy, and has a number of flip charms that overlap gaps.

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Is Haewon Fluent in English and Spanish?

Korean idols who are active with a view to expanding into the world are very good at language skills other than singing and dancing. In addition to Korean, NMIXX also speaks multiple languages such as Japanese, Chinese, English, and Spanish to reach out to fans around the world.

Among them, what surprised overseas fans was the high level of Haewon’s Spanish ability.

Haewon said that the reason he started studying Spanish was that she wanted to communicate with other overseas fans, so she worked hard to study Spanish. The more she studied, the better she naturally spoke, but NMIXX debut song “O.O” also contains “baila” in Spanish, which means to dance, so maybe she is planning to expand into Spain.

Even on stage at KCON2022 Premiere, where he recently performed, he greeted overseas fans in fluent Spanish.


There have been many idols who can speak Japanese, Chinese, and English as a second language, but I think NMIXX is the first time that NMIXX has members who speak Spanish.

In addition, Haewon’s Spanish is also praised by fans of native speakers as well as possible with a pronunciation that is as close to native as possible.

As for English, NMIXX has a native Lily, so when speaking in English, Lily is the main one, so Haewon’s English ability is still unknown, but she has spoken short English.


I don’t know about Haewon’s English ability from this alone, but the pronunciation is beautiful, and it feels like she is speaking normally rather than memorizing it thoroughly, so I do not know if it is a fluke, but I think that she can have a normal daily conversation.


Haewon has been smart since high school, and although she spent her busy days as a JYP trainee, she was famous as a very talented student, such as finishing 4th in all schools, so it is not surprising that she can also speak English. I think Haewon has a good sense of ground, but I guess she was able to learn Spanish because she was a hard worker.

What are the MBTI Diagnostic Results of Haewon?

Recently a personality test called MBTI, which can be classified into 16 types of personality by answering a few questions, has become popular. K-pop idols have become mainstream to disclose their MBTIs when introducing themselves, and Haewon has revealed that her MBTI is an “ESFP (entrepreneur)”.

The breakdown of ESFPs is E (diplomatic), S (sensuous), F (emotional), P (perceptual), and entrepreneurial types. While ESFPs who are bright and honest and like to make people laugh is always the center of attention, they are also smart and calm and sometimes rational thinkers.

However, since we often move according to our emotions, we are basically positive and optimistic about anything, and our bodies move before we think. Another characteristic of ESFP is that they are the type who prioritize their own emotions and are difficult to notice and act on people’s emotions and often get into trouble unintentionally. 

Although she has a pure appearance, Haewon has been said to have a rusty personality and gaps, but if it is an ESFP result, it makes sense.

What is Haewon’s Personality in the Eyes of the Fans?

Mood Maker

Bae, who is also in charge of NMIXX comedy, chose Haewon as “the member who left the biggest impression on the first impression.” While Bae is the type to actively start a comedy and get a laugh, Haewon is the type who actively puts in a tsukkomi to other members to provoke laughter, and both have different comedy senses.

Both of them are called NMIXX mood makers, and you can see why in the interview project “PICK NMIXX”.

The two of them jokingly and jostled with each other all the time as they happily proceeded with the program. Even without Bae, Haewon’s bustle doesn’t change. While all the NMIXX members were sitting on stage, there was a video of Haewon standing up alone and dancing with a snort.

At this time, Haewon had injured her ankle, so Jiu and Kyu-jin, who are next to each other, are surprised but happy to see Haewon standing up. Haewon, who loves interesting things and brightens up the atmosphere of the place, is truly a mood maker of the group.

Cool but Friendly

A classmate from Incheon Nonhyeon High School described Haewon’s personality as cool but friendly. It is true that the usual Haewon is not cute, but rather the way she speaks is rusty, and she does not decorate it. 

She doesn’t talk about her fans, so it might look cool compared to other idols. However, this does not mean that she is a snob since there’s this moment at Yontong where she was friendly to her fans.


Instead of making cute expressions and poses, it is good to be like Haewon who is laughing while pretending to punch the camera. The unadorned appearance as if they were friends is just like the cool but friendly Haewon that her classmates talk about, so it means that she shows in the media her unchanged personality from high school.

Realistic Honesty

Haewon self-analyzes her personality as realistic. ESFP’s Haewon is basically a cheerful personality, but she also has a calm and thoughtful side, so she sometimes moves rationally.

As a result, she said there are times when she can’t read people’s feelings deeply. I guess it’s precise because she’s aware of that aspect that says she’s realistic. 

Also, Haewon revealed an episode from her days as a trainee that she regrets being too realistic.

When fellow NMIXX members Sullyoon and Haewon were still trainees, Haewon regretted telling Sullyoon, who was crying over her vocal evaluation at the end of the month, “If you’re crying, you can’t do it well, so don’t cry later.” 

JYP is a tough world where if it is judged that your ability has not improved many times in the month-end evaluation, you will be mercilessly forced to leave the company.

Even at this time, Haewon must have used strong words against Sullyoon, who was crying out of a sense of danger that if she could not do well now with realistic thinking, she would be dropped.

Haewon said that there was a part of her that said it with kindness so that Sullyoon would be fine, but even so, she didn’t stand up to the crying Sullyoon and said that it was too harsh of an honest harsh word. She apologized again for not thinking about Sullyoon’s feelings.

She’s chasing the same dream, but Haewon is admirable, even though she gave harsh words of encouragement to a competitor for her debut. There is no idea that only she can be good, it is a word that will not come out unless she wants to debut with Sullyoon. 

It is conveyed that Haewon’s words were kind to Sullyoon, and it was also an episode in which she was equipped with the qualities of a leader.

Does Haewon have an Instagram? 

We also introduce the real face seen on her Instagram. While there is no official Instagram account opened by Haewon personally, NMIXX members are posting off-shots using their joint Instagram account.

There are a lot of perfectly decided images with stage costumes and makeup, as well as completely off-shoots of simple fashion.

Here are some of Haewon’s Instagram images. First of all, Haewon stares straight at the camera with this cool expressionless expression. Despite having black hair, a fair complexion, and a pure atmosphere, you can somehow understand the voice of the fans who feel a certain coldness.

When images of Haewon are posted on NMIXX’s Instagram account, they are almost always shown with such cool expressions.

NMIXX Leader Haewon, Who is the leader of NMIXX?, Why is Haewon Chosen as NMIXX leader?, What makes Haewon as NMIXX leader?, Why is Haewon the leader in NMIXX?, What is Haewon's Charm as NMIXX leader?, Personality of NMIXX leader Haewon,
Image Source: Instagram

Next up is a shot of Haewon smiling with a fork and knife in both hands.

NMIXX Leader Haewon, Who is the leader of NMIXX?, Why is Haewon Chosen as NMIXX leader?, What makes Haewon as NMIXX leader?, Why is Haewon the leader in NMIXX?, What is Haewon's Charm as NMIXX leader?, Personality of NMIXX leader Haewon,
Image Source: Instagram

The post says, “I had a great time with my parents.” It is cute to see her relaxed expression not as the leader of NMIXX Haewon, but as a daughter in front of her family. The next post is from NMIXX member Jinni sharing a profile image of Hyewon.

NMIXX Leader Haewon, Who is the leader of NMIXX?, Why is Haewon Chosen as NMIXX leader?, What makes Haewon as NMIXX leader?, Why is Haewon the leader in NMIXX?, What is Haewon's Charm as NMIXX leader?, Personality of NMIXX leader Haewon,
Image Source: Instagram

The day this image was posted was Haewon’s birthday. It feels like a naturally photographed shot as if you are not conscious of the fact that the camera is pointing at you. Even when viewed from the side, the perfectly beautiful shape can only be said to be a fluke.

NMIXX Leader Haewon, Who is the leader of NMIXX?, Why is Haewon Chosen as NMIXX leader?, What makes Haewon as NMIXX leader?, Why is Haewon the leader in NMIXX?, What is Haewon's Charm as NMIXX leader?, Personality of NMIXX leader Haewon,
Image Source: Instagram

The last is an image that Haewon took before making her debut. It was a picture of a time when she went out with her family a long time ago, and it is true that my face still feels young compared to now. Haewon is smiling as she wears a rough hoodie over an almost snug top. It is easy to put a hood on the ear and is accompanied by her favorite style.

While there are many cool images, this one is unusually soft and warm, and I think it captures the hearts of fans with such a gap. There are many other cool, cute and beautiful images, so if you are even a little worried about Haewon, please check out NMIXX’s Insta account.

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