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10 Best & Mouthwatering Korean Ramen Brands

Hungry? Grab your favorite Korean Ramen! Everyone enjoys the warmth of a large bowl of noodles soaking in a tasty soup. The nicest thing ever may be thinking you can sit down while watching your favorite K-drama and dine to your heart’s content in much less than five minutes!

People from all over the world are just now getting to know about the unique and wonderful meals that Korean cuisine has to present. From spicily veggie ramen to meaty, thick noodles and much more, you’ll find it all here from well-known brands like Samyang noodles as well as Shin ramen.

Korean instant noodles are a great meal whether you’re visiting Korea or longing for Korean cuisine to enjoy at home. The best Korean ramen brands will be compiled with you so that you can try and enjoy it!

Korean Ramen Brands we Love

Korean Ramen
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Many times, the diner’s originality and selection of extra ingredients are the secret to a great bowl of Korean-style ramen. It’s usually a good idea to include meat that has just been freshly grilled, such as chicken, lamb, steak, or fish. Specialty ramen soups with shrimp or squid are a prime example of this.

In Korea, Korean ramen has evolved into a common dish. It is practically every age group’s go-to meal! Ramen is a well-liked comfort dish, largely because it is affordable, simple to get, and above all, delectable. Korean ramen is typically sold at convenience shops, and certain varieties may be had for as little as 1,000 won.

Ramen is a specialty of the Korean people. Either instant or created from scratch, eating Korean ramen is a pleasure in and of itself, whether you add a few eggs, a dose of cheddar, or some healthy greens. Furthermore, you may customize the dish to your preferences by using extras like hard-boiled eggs, freshly cut green onions, or a variety of veggies that you desire to add!

All of these kinds of Korean noodles are delectable, and you can enjoy knowing that some of them are prepared with only natural and organic ingredients! The variety of local South Korean ramen offers some great choices, just as in any other nation.

Korea produces hundreds of different flavors of ramen noodles and other fast delicacies. Here are the top 10 South Korean ramen noodles that you can find at your neighborhood grocery store or online in order to gratify your cravings!

Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen Cheese Flavor

Korean Ramen brands
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For cheese lovers, one of the greatest instant noodles in Korea is available! You’re in for a surprise if you enjoy cheese. Adding cheese on everything is one of the newest trends in Korea. In fact, as they explore new dishes, they frequently splash an amount of cheese into sizzling pots in Korea to make it even more delicious.

Furthermore, Samyang, one of Korea’s major ramen manufacturers, has developed cheese ramen noodles, which will delight all of you ramen enthusiasts. You must taste this brilliant pot of noodles, it is a wonderful satisfaction!

Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen Carbonara Flavor

Korean Ramen brand i like
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Another stir-fried ramen is this Samyang Spicy Chicken Carbonara Flavor! What a twist right? It’s ramen with a hint of carbonara. 

You might wish to light the lamp and open your preferred red wine with the absolutely epic combination of cream cheese, cured pork, and black pepper. This carbonara ramen combination will taste just like spaghetti carbonara, and by ordering Samyang noodles for two, you can save money for your next date.

Without losing the creaminess of the noodle’s flavor, this ramen is a touch gentler on the tongue. As an alternative, you may lessen the heat by boiling the noodles with milk and using just half the sauce package. It’s proven and tested because I, myself, tried it and the ramen was such a level up!

Nongshim Shin Ramen

Korean Ramen best
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The most well-known and most often purchased Korean ramen on the market is called Shin ramen. You may get it in big supermarkets all around the world due to its popularity.

In comparison to a number of other ramens, Shin ramen is subtle. If that’s what you want, it won’t make you vomit out of your mouth. To this ramen, some people add eggs, kimchi, and fresh veggies to boost the flavor.

Every taste bud is satiated by the rich, spicily flavor of the beef broth. The thicker thickness of the noodles adds to a more fulfilling chewing experience. It is one of the greatest and most popular ramens among Koreans because of its authentic spicy flavor, which has a nice balance of heat and fits wonderfully with its full-bodied broth.

Ottogi Jin Ramen

Korean Ramen top
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There are two flavors of Jin Ramen: spicy and moderate. Although the latter starts to cool down the heat without reducing its flavor, the former has a hotter flavor for those who like a punch. 

No matter which flavor you like, both types come with a package of noodles that have an identical thick and chewy texture to Nongshim and a tasty broth that is decorated with pieces of dry vegetable and mushroom, making this comfort food extremely healthful on its own. This bowl of ramen has a comforting feel of home since the soup also holds the rich flavor of the meat and kimchi.

Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen

Korean Ramen we love
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The ever-famous Samyang noodle challenge has people try to complete a bowl of these flaming noodles without drinking any water. Samyang noodles are known for its next level of spiciness, which drives the challenge. Despite their intensity, Samyang spicy ramen have an irresistible flavor, due to the finely dusted sesame seeds plus seaweed flakes within every packet.

You’ll start to feel the want for more as the volcanic explosion in your mouth fades. Although being warned, savor your meal!

Ottogi Sesame Ramen

Korean Ramen i love
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Another mildly spiced Korean ramen, surprisingly, is more well-known outside of Korea than it is at home. Roasted sesame with sesame oil has a delicious taste that you may appreciate. It’s some Korean ramen with sesame seed flavoring on top. It sounds surely delicious!

The scent of sesame seeds is nutty and sweet, which may make most people’s taste buds excited. If you enjoy sesame seeds like I do, you shouldn’t miss the chance to try this ramen!

Paldo Cheese Noodles

Korean Ramen cheese
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For the cheese lovers again, this delicious Korean ramen has a unique flavor from the others. It is vegetarian and boasts a rich, savory cheese flavor. This cheesy ramen is a great choice if you’ve never tried it before.

The dry vegetable pack and cheese powder in Paldo Cheese Noodles are combined with the noodle and soup bottom. It also has a somewhat spicy bite that enhances the flavor without being overwhelming.

Jongga Kimchi Ramen

Korean Ramen spicy
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Kimchi Ramyun, the most well-known ramen in Korea, is a tasty spicy noodle. Traditional Korean vegetable side kimchi is made of fermented, salty vegetables. In most cases, the veggies also include a flavorful blend of spices.

The best instant Kimchi Ramen is made by Jongga, the top kimchi brand in Korea. It includes real, fresh kimchi to serve with your noodles. This instant ramen from Korea is flavorful and crispy, with a generous amount of spice!

Neoguri Spicy Seafood with Udon-Style Noodles

Korean Ramen yummy
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Another classic Korean ramen dish from Nongshim, it is known for its thick, oozy, and chewy udon noodles with such a unique, spicy seafood taste. Real ingredients are used to prepare it, including different kinds of fish and dried kelp.

The udon noodles are what give the dish its originality. A meaty variety of Korean ramen is made with these thick noodles. This recipe is hearty and flavorful, and it’s definitely best made at home as you cozy up with a wool sweater and have fun watching Netflix!

Paldo Fun & Yum Extra Hot Spicy

Korean Ramen where to buy
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These Extra Hot Spicy Instant Ramen Noodles from Paldo Fun & Yum are yet another amazing ramen dish and are not for the weak of heart. Try a different variety of ramen so that you can increase your tolerance if you have any intolerance to hot and spicy meals.

One of Korea’s most distinctive and hot sauces is also known as Teumsae ramyun. It can be made into a soup, but it’s best served as a sauce alongside side noodles. The intense burning sensation you’ll experience in your mouth will be eased by it.

Choosing your favorite ramen is a subjective thing– everyone has a favorite, after all. It would be almost difficult to taste every variety of instant noodle in Korea because there are so many of them.

However, certain ramen varieties are more well-liked than others and what you read are some of the best Korean ramen brands!

I just showed you a taste of some of the best ramen in Korea. Which ramen would you like to try now? Of course, you are welcome to try any of the ramen flavors I have highlighted here. Try it out and select the option that matches to your liking.

Don’t forget to add delightful toppings, and have a glass of milk ready in case the ramen is too spicy for you– enjoy!

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