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10 Best K-pop Merch Sites: Where to Buy the Good stuff?

If you are a dedicated K-pop fan, you must get official K-pop merch from one of the countless online K-pop shops! However, how do you begin your search for the particular album and K-pop merch you’re trying to purchase? Also, which stores can you trust?

Because of its current popularity, K-pop merch is longed for by more fans than ever before. With that in mind, I’d like to discuss some of the Best K-pop Merch sites, and their products like souvenirs, albums, and outfits in this article!

Best K-pop Merch Sites

K-pop Merch
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Kpop has indeed been getting prominence for a while, but recently it has skyrocketed as a result of the huge amount of attention that international acts like BTS, TWICE, and Blackpink have received.

Beyond the music and voice that K-pop offers, fans desire to physically hold on to something. Hence, the need for K-pop items rose constantly. Lightsticks, special packages that mostly feature album covers, limited photocards, and season’s greetings are a few examples of products that are uniquely available in the K-pop business. Despite recent efforts by international musicians to offer the same type of merchandise, K-pop fans will be able to tell the difference.

However, a wide variety of new websites have appeared as a result of the increased attention. Some few years ago, there were only a few specific websites that sell K-pop merchandise. Today, there are several, if not hundreds. In other terms, it might be challenging to decide where to shop.

Which websites sell authentic K-pop goods, for instance, are several of the concerns that spring to mind. Which online stores sell autographed albums? Where can I get lightsticks online? Most fans would have these inquiries in mind. 

K-pop Merch
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The best thing about modern lifestyle is that you don’t need to buy an expensive flight ticket to go a long distance just so that you can buy. To make things simpler for you, I have compiled a list of the Kpop merch online retailers.

In light of that, I will highlight some of the top online stores of K-pop merch in this post, including places to buy albums, light sticks, as well as clothes. Please don’t hesitate to comment if I missed your fave website in the table below!

K-pop Merch SiteShipping fee
K-pop TownDepends on the package’s weight, location, and carrier. 
GmarketShipping cost depends on the shipping method and the package weight.
Ktown4uShipping cost depends on the shipping method and the package weight.
MwaveDepends on the package’s weight and location
Kpop ShopFree Shipping
CatchopcdShipping cost depends on the shipping method, location, and the package weight.
Kpop UltraFree Shipping
Peach KpopDepends on the package’s weight and location
Unnie LooksVaries (free over 100+)

Let’s see each one of the K-pop merch sites where you can order the good stuff!

1. K-pop Town

K-pop Merch

Among the online stores with such a large assortment of K-pop merch, including albums and photocards, is KPOPTOWN. Additionally, the site’s general navigation is simple to use. A newbie fan wouldn’t have any trouble making a purchase here. The website gets even more enticing as you look deeper since the pricing is affordable and the delivery costs are acceptable.

Even though shipping is calculated based on weight, rates are typically fair— particularly when you order in large quantities.

Moreover, this K-pop shop will let you support your favorite star or group if you want. Your purchase matters since every album purchase counts toward the Hanteo Chart. K-pop Town is, all things considered, a fantastic online store for K-pop products.

2. Gmarket

K-pop Merch

Gmarket, which is a website that offers practically everything, is Korea’s version of Amazon. The same fantastic website, Gmarket, is available worldwide in English even with international delivery.

You may probably find it here, whether it be official or unofficial, an album, a lightstick, a photobook, or anything else. The primary issue of Gmarket is that there are so many suppliers there that you never know with certainty when a goods will ship or how much shipping will cost. Even if they are often affordable, you might wish to compare prices before choosing a certain seller on the website.

3. Ktown4u

Ktown4u contains official K-pop merchandise that isn’t offered from any other K-pop online store. Although not significantly less expensive than other shops, their pricing is nevertheless rather fair.

Ktown4u not only sells Kpop merchandise as well as other Korean goods including fashion, magazines, drama merchandise, collectibles of celebrities, clothing, Korean beauty items, and Korean snacks. Ktown4u also offers pre-orders for Kpop music.

On a few of their albums, KTown4U also gives albums with autographs. They certainly have a respectable amount of albums that you may buy autographed editions of even if they don’t have as large of a signed variety as MWave. Additionally, they provide a selection of souvenirs, picture albums, and posters.

4. Mwave

K-pop Merch

The South Korean media and entertainment business CJ ENM, founded by the CJ Group, is the owner of Mwave.

Since MNet is one of Korea’s biggest music networks and features many well-known music programs, if you’ve been a Kpop fan for very long, you undoubtedly already know about it.

The K-pop merchandise available on MWave right now is rather limited, and it’s sometimes extremely pricey. They do, however, have a really unique selling proposition: a ton of their records and gifts are autographed. Check out MWave to see if they have an autographed copy of any new or forthcoming albums you might be interested in buying– it;s worth it for sure!

5. Kpopshop

K-pop Merch

Among kpop merchandise websites, Kpopshop is among the most well-known brands because of its broad assortment and affordable prices. This is among the top K-pop websites, as you could have guessed from the name! Kpopshop carries kpop merchandise from almost all well-known artists and groups, unlike other of the sites on this list.

They certainly provide more merchandise for bigger, more well-known bands, but they also offer records for a large number of smaller bands and soloists.

They provide a wide variety of items, including personalized shoes, apparel, and posters of Korea’s biggest stars. Their apparel appears to be mostly custom-made rather than official merchandise.

6. Catchopcd

K-pop Merch

You may purchase many other sorts of Kpop merchandise at Catchopcd, but primarily mini albums. You will undoubtedly discover the precise mini album you’re looking for here, whether it’s from BTS, EXO, Super Junior, Twice, or any other Kpop group.

Although the cost of delivery is typically relatively low, a great deal depends upon the size of your package and where you live. After receiving your purchase, packages are shipped within two working days.

Here is the place to go if you need to get some inexpensive K-pop merchandise. Catchopcd’s product range is relatively limited and is best suited to consumers on a tight budget. Even flash deals are occasionally held in certain businesses!

7. Kpop Ultra

K-pop Merch

Kpop Ultra offers by far the finest range of products on this list if you’re seeking merchandise for a more well-known group. Everything is available, from the usual records and posters to much more unique goods like keychains, plush toys, backpacks, and more. Additionally, compared to a few of the other sites on our list, Kpop Ultra is far more cheap.

If you’re a fan of any of the more well-known K-pop bands, Kpop Ultra has a huge selection of K-pop merchandise for you to pick from. There are several goods available, even for smaller groups. They also claim to have good client satisfaction!

8. Peach Kpop

K-pop Merch

A brand-new K-pop website called Peach K-pop launched in 2019. Selling only authentic K-pop merchandise is emphasized on the website. As a small shop, Peach K-pop strives to provide customers with the finest possible purchasing experience. The Peach K-pop crew will try its utmost to satisfy any special requirements you may have for certain purchases.

Although this website mostly sells original K-pop records, they also sell several other K-pop-related products. They just began carrying Korean fashion, and I think they’ll continue to expand their selection in the future. Look it over!

9. Unnie Looks

K-pop Merch

The Unnie Looks website is the spot to go if you wish to look like your favorite K-pop idols. By group or idol, all of their wardrobe is arranged. Similar clothing used by Blackpink, BTS, Red Velvet, and countless others may be found.

Much better, if you admire a certain idol, chances are good that their attire is also featured here.

It’s important to note that Unnie Looks doesn’t really carry the official attire used by celebrities or bands. Additionally, everyone may dress like their favorite idol thanks to Unnie Looks, which provides far more reasonably priced, identical-looking outfits!

10. Cokodive

K-pop Merch

Many KPOP fans cite COKODIVE as one of their preferred online KPOP retailers since it is situated in South Korea and offers a big selection including both official and unofficial merchandise.

Which leads us to the K-pop merchandise website that is most likely the most focused on K-pop on this list. Fans of almost all groups and solo artists may get merchandise at the K-pop shop Cokodive. There are really that many things! There are certainly at least a few goods for practically every fan, even if there are obviously just some few items for sale for smaller idols.

They also have a K-pop Mystery Box that you can buy if you enjoy surprises!

There are several additional shops that sell K-pop items in addition to those mentioned above. In convenience stores all around Korea, you can even get K-pop drinks, so if you’re a really K-pop lover, you can buy all kinds of adorable K-pop merchandise. Everyone, have fun shopping!

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