EXO Member Popularity Ranking

EXO Member Popularity Ranking 2022-2023 | Who is most popular in EXO?

Currently, EXO consists of 9 Koreans and 1 Chinese member. Since there are many people who are concerned about the order of popularity of each EXO member, we have done our research listed their ranks accordingly! If you’re one of them, scroll down to this post and get to know more about EXO’s popularity.

EXO’s Popularity Ranking 2023

In this post, we will introduce not only the order of the members’ popularity in Japan but also in South Korea together with the reasons for their popularity to let you get to know them better. The list will start from the last place of popularity all the way to the most popular EXO member. Let’s get started.

Suho – 9th Place

who is the most popular EXO member?
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Stage name: Suho (Hangul notation: 수호 / English notation: Suho)
Real name: Kim Jun-Myeon (Hangul notation: 김준면 / English notation: Kim Jun-Myeon)
Date of Birth: May 22, 1991
Birthplace: Seoul Special City
Position: Lead vocal
Height/Weight: 173cm/60kg
Blood type: AB

EXO leader Suho!

The stage name Suho means protection and has the meaning of protecting EXO. He is a very responsible member, loves EXO more than anything else, and works hard to protect the group. Everyone follows him because he is known to be such a good leader.

No matter how busy he is as a leader, he still manages to regularly hold family meetings and listen to everyone’s worries and consultations which makes his fans love him even more.

His facial expressions show that he is very well-organized, and said that his facial expression happens to be similar to Red Velvet’s Irene.

In EXO, he is currently the lead vocal, but some think that he is as good as the main vocal, and a musical starring.

Despite being a good leader, he is actually not good at cleaning and is sometimes missing. There are also times when he is tampered with by his younger brothers which is also cute!

Chen – 8th Place

The popularity of EXO members in Japan
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Stage name: Chen (Hangul notation: 첸 / English notation: Chen)
Real name: Kim Jongdae (Hangul notation: 김종대 / English notation: Kim Jong-Dae) notation: Kim Jun-Myeon)
Date of Birth: September 21, 1992
Birthplace: Siheung, Gyeonggi-do
Position: Main vocal
Height/Weight: 172.5cm/60kg
Blood type: B

EXO’s main vocal chain is no other than Chen!

He is called the EXO’s rear love frame and is known to be born and become an idol.

Also, he is always shown in seeing the goodness of people and appears in various drama episodes such as handing out Cairo to the ghost of the haunted house and going to Chanyeol who became one when divided into two groups on a trip.

Chen’s label is to “Let’s live happily”, and as the word says, he always smiles to everyone he will meet.

Besides all these, Chen and his singing ability as the main vocal is really impressive which most fans love! He is also one of the talented idols who has participated in many solo drama OSTs and released solo albums!

Xiumin – 7th Place

Xiumin EXO
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Stage name: Xiumin (Hangul notation: 시우민 / English notation: Xiumin)
Real name: Kim Min-Seok (Hangul notation: 김민석 / English notation: Kim Min-Seok)
Date of Birth: March 26, 1990
Birthplace: Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do
Position: Sub-vocal, sub-rapper
Height/Weight: 172cm/57kg
Blood type: B

EXO’s oldest Xiumin is loved by everyone!

He might be the oldest, but he has a baby-faced and charming character that can easily be noticeable.

He was also a fan of TVXQ who was called a successful otaku by fans and even joined a fans club to show his support. As the oldest member, Xiumin is like a shadow pillar that supports everyone from behind.

He is also known to be of a beagle-dol as he may sometimes be loud, but he is the oldest brother who gently watches over his younger brothers.

He is also known to be a famous drinker and seems to drink as much as he wants at the pace of the other party. As well as EXO, he has also been active in Japan as Chamberkushi, and is quite is popular with Japanese fans.

Kai – 6th Place

Who is the most popular EXO member in Japan?
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Stage name: Kai (Hangul notation: 카이 / English notation: Kai)
Real name: Kim Jong-in (Hangul notation: 김종인 / English notation: Kim Jong-in)
Date of Birth: January 14, 1994
Birthplace: Suncheon, Jeollanam-do
Position: Main Dancer
Height/Weight: 182cm / 63kg
Blood type: A

From the beginning of his debut, he has been an absolute center of EXO, and he has the ability to dance at the level of competing for 1st and 2nd place in the KPOP world.

In EXO, along with Sehun, Kai is called Manneline and is spoiled by his brothers, but once he goes up to the stage, he will attract an overwhelming performance.

Kai’s charm is showing so cool when performing on stage but when he’s with the members, he can be the cute as the youngest. Originally, he have a cool personality and was not good at fan service at the beginning, but now he appears on variety shows alone.

He has also appeared in movies in Japan and co-starred with Kana Kurashina named “Spring Has Come”.

Dio – 5th Place

EXO Member Popularity in Japan and South Korea
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Stage name: Dio (Hangul notation: 디오 / English notation: DO)
Real name: Do Kyung-soo (Hangul notation: 도경수 / English notation: Do Kyung-soo)
Date of Birth: January 12, 1993
Birthplace: Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province
Position: Main vocal
Height/Weight: 172cm / 60kg
Blood type: A

Dio or more known as D.O. has enough ability as an actor to overturn the concept of an idol!

He has a quiet and calm personality. Having his Sanpaku eyes may think he’s glaring at the beginning but it’s all wrong. He is very kind, polite, and open-minded and has a very charming side which most fans love.

He is always low-profile and polite, and even when shooting at EXO groups, he is famous for being really kind which he would ask questions such as “Have you eaten?” And “Do you want to eat this?”.

As the main vocalist of EXO, he definitely has a beautiful and powerful voice as one.

His song “It’s okay if it’s okay” was his writing before starting his military service and this song is loved not only by fans but also by his peers. Singer IU also put out a cover video and said that she was healed by this song.

Lay – 4th Place

EXO member popularity Japan 2022
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Stage name: Lay (Hangul notation: 레이 / English notation: Lay)
Real name: Chang Yixing (Hangul notation: 장이씽 / English notation: Zhang Yixing)
Date of Birth: October 7, 1991
Birthplace: Changsha City, Hunan Province, China
Position: Main dancer, lead vocal
Height/Weight: 176cm / 60kg
Blood type: AB

Lay is currently the only Chinese member of EXO.

Due to various circumstances, he finds it difficult to work in Korea, but he brought his talent to his hometown and do entertainment activities without forgetting to be a fan and member of EXO.

EXO’s popularity in China is also quite unimaginable as supporters show their love for the boy band wherever they are!

His main position in EXO as the main dancer has not diminished and various activities such as challenging a new genre of clamps no matter how many years have passed since debut, and making use of his own experience to appear as a teacher in audition programs still make him stand out the crowd.

In addition, he is said to have a perfect pitch and has a talent for songwriting. Aside from participating in some EXO songs, he also has his own solo songs.

Whenever a member releases a new song solo, he always advertises it on his SNS to show his love and support to each EXO member.

Even now, the fans are captivated by how they value each other as EXO

Sehun – 3rd Place

EXO member popularity in South Korea 2022
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Stage name: Sehun (Hangul notation: 세훈 / English notation: Sehun)
Real name: Oh Se-hun (Hangul notation: 오세훈 / English notation: Oh Se-hun)
Date of Birth: April 12, 1994
Birthplace: Jungnang-gu, Seoul Special City
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper
Height/Weight: 183cm / 71kg
Blood type: O

EXO’s Maknae of Top Sehun!

EXO’s youngest member grew up with excessive love from members and fans.

It is a famous story that when Sehun starts talking alone at a program, fan signing event, concert, etc., all the members turn to Sehun all at once with a look as if they were looking at their son or younger brother.

Most fans knew that Sehun prays every day and wishes for the happiness of his brothers, hoping that the members’ brothers wouldn’t have a hard time. Fans really find it cute and it truly is!

Regardless of how handsome he may look, his cuteness is what attracts Japanese fans even more. Sehun has a very cute side but he is also a calm, in-law, and masculine side that you can not think of as the youngest child.

Baekhyun – 2nd Place

EXO member popularity ranking 2022
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Stage name: Baekhyun (Hangul notation: 백현 / English notation: Baekhyun)
Real name: Byung Baek-Hyun (Hangul notation: 변백현 / English notation: Byun Baek-Hyun)
Date of Birth: May 6, 1992
Birthplace: Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province
Position: Main vocal
Height/Weight: 174cm / 64kg
Blood type: O

EXO’s main vocal Baekhyun, an idol who is an idol!

The second idol, Baekhyun is getting a lot of catchphrase professional idol because of the talent that he shows to everyone! Aside from his amazing talent, ability to liven up the place, and his warm interaction with fans has made him ranked 2nd place!

Plus, he is also famous as a master of sports who loves new information such as albums and new songs.

He always wanted to tell and show his fans his songs and he knows that even if the company stops, it seems that spoilers will always be there, and fans are asking him directly on SNS to be updated.

Baekhyun has toured not only EXO but also in Japan as Chenbekshi, and is very popular with Japanese fans. Baekhyun would really be happy to know more and practice Japanese really hard.

Whether it’s the main vocalist, an actor, or a talent, Baekhyun is extremely talented!

Chanyeol – 1st Place

Popularity Ranking of EXO members
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Stage name: Chanyeol (Hangul notation: 찬열 / English notation: Chanyeol)
Real name: Park Chan-Yeol (Hangul notation: 박찬열 / English notation: Park Chan-Yeol)
Date of Birth: November 27, 1992
Birthplace: Seoul Special City
Position: Main Rapper, Sub-Vocals
Height/Weight: 185cm / 70kg
Blood type: A

EXO’s Happy Virus Chanyeol!

Aside from being good at writing and composing songs as the main rapper, he is also active as an artist by participating in some EXO songs and having his own workroom.

In addition, he is active as an actor and has appeared in various topical works. The reason why Chanyeol is the most popular in Japan is that he has a high level of Japanese proficiency! 

Because Chanyeol is a big fan of traveling to Japan. Not only the members but also the choreographers of EXO have visited so many places in Japan. He is also very happy that Japanese fans feel close to him because they also post pictures of places they traveled on Instagram.

Also, he has a good relationship with Japanese entertainers and gives a two-shot to Instagram with Mackenyu Nitta, and it seems that he has a very good relationship with him by giving him a nickname.

EXO’s Popularity Ranking in South Korea

Suho – 9th Place

In South Korea, Suho has fewer terrestrial appearances such as dramas and variety shows than other members and is rather active in musical activities, and the name recognition other than fans is weaker than other members.

However, even in the variety show that appeared as EXO in the past, he said that he wanted his younger brothers to stand out more than himself, so he intentionally made his younger brothers stand out as a leader. It may be.

However, Suho is also active in acting activities such as movies and musical activities as an individual, and by opening an individual Instagram, opportunities for interaction with fans are increasing considerably more than in the past.

The fact that EXO’s formation date and members’ birthdays always appear on Instagram gives us a glimpse of the leader’s personality.

Lay – 8th Place

Lay is popular regardless of the country due to his outstanding looks and ability, but due to the influence of the Korean decree and the activation of his own activities in China, his activities in Korea have completely disappeared. As a result, many fans have left.

However, this is only the case now due to the situation in the country and problems with the office, and in fact, the members still keep in touch with each other frequently and celebrate EXO’s anniversary properly on SNS. It’s funny to see how close you are.

Chen – 7th Place

Chen fascinates fans as both EXO’s main vocalist and solo singer with his outstanding singing ability that goes beyond the boundaries of kpop idols.

He was fascinated by many fans as EXO’s rear love character, but in January 2020, he suddenly announced about getting married and is expecting to have a child.

Many fans were surprised at the sudden report after the tour and the shotgun wedding of an unprecedented active idol.

There were many fans who respected Chen’s life as a human being, but it seems that the popularity of South Korea was affected by the anti-buying movement and various adverse effects such as withdrawal requests.

Kai – 6th Place

EXO’s main dancer, center regular Kai!

As long as he was assigned the position of EXO’s main dancer, he didn’t like to appear in variety shows and get the image of it and see the dance strangely.

However, recently, he has appeared in variety shows due to various things, perhaps because he changed his mind, Kai’s appearance scene has exceeded 30 million times on YouTube, and his talent for variety shows has been highly evaluated.

He still hasn’t finished military service yet, and fans are patiently waiting for his comeback whether it is variety shows or solo activities in South Korea when he get back on track.

Dio – 5th Place

Dio is one of the EXO members who has a quiet and cool image.

It’s easy to think that he is serious and atmospheric, but in fact, he is very charming. His lips that form a heart pattern when he laughs seem to be cute, and fans indeed go crazy for it!

In addition, Dio, also known as the acting dollar, has been buying acting ability, especially in South Korea, and every time he appears in a work, he appears in a variety show with co-stars in publicity and so on, and it seems to be a hot topic.

And, after all, the ability as the main vocal is also wonderful, and the sound source released solo is also popular.

Chanyeol – 4th Place

Not to mention his activities as EXO, Chanyeo has appeared in many dramas and variety shows and is well known even to non-fans. Even without the general name recognition, they are quite popular members of EXO, so they probably have a high popularity ranking.

Besides, you can see how they really value their fans, such as putting a tattoo on their arm to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the E and XO fan clubs.

Even when he appeared in Ayukde, who is a passionate person with a considerable personality and is known for his idol athletic meet, he hated to lose more than anyone else and was doing his best.

Sehun – 3rd Place

EXO’s youngest man, Sehun!

Although he rarely appears in variety shows alone, he is active as a model for famous brands and has many actor activities in dramas and especially modeling activities, so even people who are not interested in idols know their faces.

In addition, the Sehun just finished shooting a movie named The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure and such like serial dramas, so he became more popular.

He mostly shows rut-like behavior whenever he is in a variety show. While some think that the appearance of being spoiled by other brothers is very cute, it is very sexy and masculine and cool to stand on the stage as an idol!

Xiumin – 2nd Place

Xiumin is generally popular, and when he goes out to variety shows alone in the past people go crazy and ask, “Who is that cute person … Who is the handsome guy?”!

He is a very popular EXO member in Korea who will definitely go up in real-time search rankings. Since he is very strong in alcohol, he appeared in talk shows related to alcohol and became a hot topic.

With this cute baby face, it seems that the gap between being the oldest and a drinker is irresistible! A report said that Xiumin’s most legendary thing was before the military service, where he told the fans, “If you flirt, I’ll kill you.”

Baekhyun – 1st Place

The immovable first placer member is no other than Baekhyun!

He is known to participate in the drama OST quite a lot and also appeared as an actor in different Korean dramas like Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

After all, his singing ability caught many fans’ hearts. He also has a solo album which he has shown the world how great he is as a singer. Plus, he recorded his songs as an exceptional million seller!

Aside from such singing ability, his personality is also very gentle, clear, and has a friendly character. His variety sense is also praised for his gag sense.

An article before the military service made it public that he had suffered from a disease called hypothyroidism from the beginning of his debut, and various voices such as anxiety and anger at the article that published it were gathered from fans, but he himself.

He explained the situation and illness in his own words with sincerity. It is also said that he worked hard to prevent himself from getting caught in the said illness.

He began his military service last May 6 in 2021 which is also his birthday and is currently rendering his military service.

Despite this ranking of EXO members’ popularity, it’s still evident how people love them and their music! We hope this post has helped you in getting to know more about EXO!

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