BTS the Most Beautiful Moment in Life Album

BTS the Most Beautiful Moment in Life Album

BTS Hana-Sama Explains and Considers the story of Nenka!

BTS “Hana-Sama Nenka” series started in 2015. The MV in which the members play the role was so detailed that it was a spectacular story that any fan should not be missed!

On the other hand, many fans feel that it is too difficult to talk about, and various inferences are still being made. Based on the hints hidden in the MV and BTS The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Album, we will explain and consider them so that you can understand the complicated story of Hana-Sama Nenka as much as possible!

How Do You Read When My Love Blooms? Meaning?

“In the Mood for Love”, also known as the title of the Hong Kong movie released in 2000. In Japanese, it is read as “Kayonenka”, and in Korean, it is written as “화양 연화”.

“Hana-Sama Nenka” is a Chinese word that means “a time as beautiful as a flower, youth,” and Namjoon adds the meaning of “the most beautiful moment in life, youth.”

The boldness, fragility, hesitation, and conflict of youth that everyone experiences. BTS’s “Hana-Sama Nenka” depicts a person trying to grow while facing them.

The MV Order to Watch to Understand the Story of Hana-Sama Nenka

In order to unravel the story of Hana-Sama Nenka, we will introduce the videos that you should check in order!

1.『I NEED U』


3. “Hana Nian Hua on stage: Prologue”

4.『WINGS ’Boy Meets Evil’ Comeback Trailer』

5.『WINGS Short Film』


7. “LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel ‘From Succession'”

8.『Blood Sweat & Tears』

9.『FAKE LOVE Official Teaser 1』


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Explaining and Considering the Story Behind Hana-Sama Nenka

“Hana-Sama Nenka” is a story of youth woven by seven boys I met when I was a student.

While the boys are having a good time together, the darkness of each person is also depicted.

7 people’s past (from “Hana-Sama Nenka note”)

First, I will briefly explain each of the boys’ past stories in this album.

Namjoon: A part-time man who he worked with died in an accident during delivery. He realizes that he may have been the cause, and is confused himself, he feels guilty and not at ease. He was told by his sick father, who had been taking care of him for a long time, “I will live alone”, and he left his father and returned to the place where he spent his youth and started living in a container.

Yoongi: His mother died in a fire. Under the influence of her mother who was playing her piano, Yoongi also plays the piano and makes music. Being trapped in the piano with his mother, he is afraid to build a deep relationship with her.

Jin: He has a strong desire to live up to the expectations of his father and teacher, and he was trapped in the word “become a good person”. When he was a student, he reported the actions of the six members he should have been friends with to the teacher one by one and betrayed them.

Jhope: He has a strong trauma because he was suddenly left in the amusement park where he went with his mother, but he dreams of living with his mother again. He is taking medicine because he suffers from narcolepsy. However, dozing illness is Jhope’s belief, and he is not actually suffering.

Jimin: Lost when he was little, Jimin witnesses something in a flower garden warehouse and is traumatized. He is then admitted to the psychiatric ward by his parents.

Tete: The violence of his father causes his mother to leave the house. However, the violence of his father is not gone, and his sister and himself are experiencing a lot of sacrifices.

Jungkook: His father leaves him with his mother, and the mother remarries. Having a new father and older brother leaves him with nowhere to go, and he spends his days wandering around. He meets six people who become important people to him.

If you look back at the MV based on the past of these seven people, it will be easier to understand each story.

Important Scenes in Hana-Sama Nenka to See

Jin and Lily Flowers (from “I NEED U”)

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In this story, Jin is thought to be living in a “time leap” by burning lily flowers to make the six happy. Why did Jin need to do a time leap?

6 Misfortunes (from “I NEED U” and “Hana-Sama Nenka Note”)

6 Misfortunes (from I NEED U MV and Hana-Sama Nenka Note) - BTS the Most Beautiful Moment in Life Album, BTS the Most Beautiful Moment in Life Album, BTS the most beautiful Moment in life songs in order, What is the songs on BTS Most Beautful moment album? What is the story behind the BTS the most beautiful moment in life album, BTS the most beautiful moment in life album tracklist, BTS The Most beautiful moment in life Pt. 1,
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It turns out that the boys who spent their school days together have a dark past. Further unfortunate events will occur to them.

Namjoon: Quarrel with a customer who threw money at a gas station and went to a detention center

Yoongi: Start a fire and commit suicide

Jhope: Falling down the stairs and being hospitalized

Tete: Killing his father

Jimin: Suicide in the bathroom

Jungkook: Falling from the roof of a building

In fact, these are said to be the misfortunes that should have happened to the six boys in the “real world” before Jin’s time leap. It is believed that Jin is repeating the time leap to save the six members.

Sea Observatory (from “I NEED U” and “Hanasama Nenka on stage: Prologue”)

A sea is a place of memories of spending youth together. There is a depiction of the sea in the final scene of “I NEED U”, but there is no observatory there.

However, in “Prologue”, the observatory is completed, and there is a depiction of Tete jumping in. Therefore, it is highly possible that the story depicted in “Prologue” is not a recollection of school days, but a world after a time leap.

It is thought that the result of “RUN” that repeated time leap is drawn as the world of “Prologue” where seven people spend calm days. However, misery will come again.

Jin can’t predict the misfortune that Tete jumps into the sea and drowns here, and the time leap ends in failure.

Sea and Tete (from “RUN”)

From the scene where Namjoon lives in the container, we can see that the song “RUN”  is also about the world after Time Leap. Since “Prologue” comes first in the order of release, it is possible that the world of “RUN” comes later, but when I think of “RUN” as a recollection of the time when I was repeating the time leap, the story was connected.

The MV for “RUN” begins when Tete falls into the water and ends when Tete falls into the water again. It is thought that it means that at the end of “Prologue”, after Tete jumped in, a time leap occurred again and Tete was able to be saved.

In summary, the unhappiness that should have happened in the real world in “I NEED U”, but in “RUN”, the appearance of struggling to get to a happy world by repeating a time leap is happy in “Prologue”. You can see that the world in which you got the game (the result is a failure) is drawn.

Explanation and Consideration of WINGS Series Music Videos

The story of Hana-Sama Nenka is not over yet. The “WINGS” series depicts the conflicts and growth of boys who encounter “temptation.”

First is the comeback trailer.

This trailer is believed to be associated with the music video for FIRE.

At the beginning of the MV, Yoongi jumps over the fence labeled “YOUTH”, shakes hands with a person wearing black clothes, and ends with the words “BOY MEETS WHAT”.

It can be said that the person who shook hands is “EVIL (evil)” and expresses that the boys encountered “evil”. And we will continue to “WINGS Short Film”.

First of all, as a premise, “WINGS” was greatly influenced by Hermann Hesse’s novel “Demian”, and a part of the text is used in Namjoon’s narration in the short film.

“Two different opposite worlds day and night mix in this time” (Video 0:25)

What is important in “WINGS” is “two worlds”. There are worlds of “day and night,” “good and evil,” and “light and darkness,” and “WINGS” focuses on the “evil” part and depicts the conflicts that are occurring within them. ..

Sparrowhawk picture (Video 2:18)

The sparrowhawk, which also appears in Demian, is considered a symbol of “breaking an egg (world) while struggling and flapping its wings.”

Here, the sparrowhawk’s painting may represent “growing by breaking the shell of the world on your own.”

What is the world inside the shell where each member is?

Namjoon: A world that doesn’t build deep relationships with others

Yoongi: A world where he loses his relationship with others and drowns in music and alcohol

Jin: A world where you don’t face yourself and live as a “good person” that your father and others want.

J-Hope: A world where he can live while having an illness caused by his mother (while being aware of his mother’s existence)

Jimin: A world where he needed to lie in order to look away from the trauma

Tete: A world with a desire to kill a father who afflicts himself and his sister

Jungkook: The world that supports his brothers’ existence

Also, the solo song recorded in “WINGS”, doesn’t it seem to be related to the past that the boys had in Hana-Sama Nenka?

The members said that the concept had been decided to some extent when making the solo song, so I think that there is a part that overlaps with the story of “Demian” and Hana-Sama Nenka.

Since the members write lyrics based on their past experiences, the reality is created by the mixture of stories and actual experiences.

Abraxas (Video 16:34)

Abraxas is a god who has two conflicting things at the same time: life and death, god and devil, good and evil. No matter how many times you time-leap and correct your mistakes, happiness did not come to them.

For boys with a dark past, Abraxas, the god who integrates conflicting things, is portrayed as an ideal figure. “Eggs are the world. What is about to be born must destroy one world. And the bird flies to God. The name of the god is Abraxas.”

From the quoted narration, you can see that it is a story of seven people breaking the world and growing toward their ideal selves.

Here, after sandwiching the story of “Euphoria” and “LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel’Kishōtenketsu”, we will enter the main MV “Blood Sweat & Tears”.

Here, the boys who actually encountered “evil” are depicted.

Angels and Demons

It is believed that J-Hope plays the role of an angel and Taehyung plays the role of a devil.

At the invitation of the devil (Taehyung), the boys’ encounter with evil is represented by Jungkook’s candy and Jimin’s apple (forbidden fruit).

Kiss with the Devil

Unlike the other six, Jin looks like something that doesn’t fall into his mind. When Jin, who was blindfolded by the devil, opened his eyes, there was a statue with black wings in front of him.

Here, Jin kisses the statue and encounters evil.

Jin’s Face Cracks

The point of this music video is that knowing evil does not mean that you will fall into the darkness. After recognizing evil, I want to accept it as myself and grow up with WINGS.

In the final scene, Jin’s face cracks when he faces the mirror.

Jin saved six people in a timely leap, but the result was unsuccessful. Because he was supposed to save himself.

It is not expressed here that you know the evil in yourself, face yourself (face the mirror), and grow (crack your face = crack your egg). 

After that, if you look at “FAKE LOVE Teaser 1” → “FAKE LOVE” in that order, the story will be further connected.

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Explanation and Consideration of the Music Video in the LOVE YOURSELF Series

The world after “Hanasama Nenka on stage: Prologue” is “Euphoria” in the “LOVE YOURSELF” series that was started in 2018.

There is a depiction of the boys being rescued from the misfortune depicted in “I NEED U” at the beginning.

From this, we can see that “Euphoria” is a world where Jin was happy because he saved everyone in a timely manner.

Here is the ending of the visit to 6 people, referring to the MV and “Hana-sama Nenka note”.

Namjoon: Jin picks up the money that caused him to quarrel with his customers

Yoongi: Jungkook rescues him from the scene of the fire

J-Hope: Jimin saves him when he’s about to fall down the stairs

Jimin: With the help of everyone, he was able to get out of the hospital where he was placed by his parents

Tete: J-Hope stops him shortly before killing his father

Jungkook: He was saved from falling from the roof by Namjoon and Jin

I wonder if the happy endings of the seven boys are drawn, but there is a disturbing sign again from the last sea scene.

Jin Climbs the Observatory

Tete, who should not know that a time leap is happening, is staring at Jin climbing the observatory with a mysterious face. Tete dreamed of everything that had happened in Time Leap.

He also confronted that he feels uncomfortable that Jin is climbing instead of him (from “Hanasama Nenka note”).

End Roll Message

Along with the message, “Brother, is that all? Is there anything else you can hide from us?”, Jungkook, who also appeared in “I NEED U,” is in a car accident.

Tete realizes that Jin was causing a series of events, and from there the relationship between the seven begins to collapse. And “Highlight Reel’Kishōtenketsu” follows “Euphoria”.

In “Highlight Reel’Kishōtenketsu”, which depicts the stories of the boys, there is an encounter with a girl. It looks like they were having a good time, but unhappiness still comes.

Jungkook, who had an accident, will have a difficult time, such as the death of a girl who became friends while in the hospital, and the trauma of the past that Yoongi and Jimin thought they had overcome, and the relationship collapsed.

Jin’s Girlfriend had a Car Accident in Front of Him

Time leap occurs again, but Jin looks exhausted. He may have already begun to notice that he will hit a new wall no matter how many times he redoes the past.

Why doesn’t the world where everyone is happy even if we do time leap many times? Here, it leads to the part of “Blood, Sweat & Tears” that “I should have saved myself”.

“FAKE LOVE” depicts the world that boys should face in order to accept themselves.

First, let’s take a look at “FAKE LOVE Teaser 1”.

“Magic Shop is a Psychological Technique that Turns Fear into a Positive Attitude.”

The boys present their items and exchange them for new items in what appears to be a Magic Shop.

Namjoon: Mirror → Hair tie

Yoongi: (Unknown) → Candy

Jin: Iyamoni → (Unknown)

J-Hope: Snickers → Cake

Jimin: Forest postcard → Umbrella

Tete: (Unknown) → Bag

These are deeply related to each BTS member. What the boys are giving is an item that was negative for them in “WINGS Short Film”. What was handed over was the item that was positively drawn in “Highlight Reel’Kishōtenketsu”.

Only Jungkook, who run last, was given a box with a key. It is probable that Jungkook, who was supported by the six members, had nothing to replace. To help him and his friends, Jungkook gets a hint key and takes action in the main MV of “FAKE LOVE”.

Different Room of 6 People (World)

Six BTS members except Jungkook are in their respective rooms. I think these rooms represent the original appearance without masks and the world that each of them must accept.

Namjoon: A room with a mirror → In response to his father’s words, “You can live alone”, “You must survive (words written in the mirror in the” Butterfly “MV)” world

Jin: The room that caused the time leap → The world that is trapped in becoming a “good person”.

Yoongi: Piano and flame room → A world where he can’t escape from the shock of losing his mother.

J-Hope: Sweets and amusement park room → A world dominated by trauma that was abandoned by his mother when he was young.

Jimin: Hospital room → A world where he can’t get out of trauma.

Tete: Mobile phone room → A world where he wants to be saved from his father who can’t help himself.

At the beginning of “Hana-Sama Nenka on stage: Prologue”, Tete calls someone on his cell phone saying “Hyun, I want to see you now” after killing his father. This opponent is known to have been Namjoon.

From the word “SAVE ME” written after Tete, it seems that Tete was actually suffering because he wanted to ask someone for help. And Jungkook may be trying to save him and his friends by using the key given to him.

Smeraldo Flowers

Smeraldo Flowers - BTS the Most Beautiful Moment in Life Album, BTS the Most Beautiful Moment in Life Album, BTS the most beautiful Moment in life songs in order, What is the songs on BTS Most Beautful moment album? What is the story behind the BTS the most beautiful moment in life album, BTS the most beautiful moment in life album tracklist, BTS The Most beautiful moment in life Pt. 1,
Image Source: Pinterest

A smeraldo flower with the meaning “the true heart that could not be conveyed” is seen in the album. In fact, it is said that all the flowers that were placed in Yungi’s room in the MV for the song “RUN” and the bouquet that Jin had in “Highlight Reel’Kishōtenketsu” were smeraldo.

And the flower that Jin desperately protects in the MV of “FAKE LOVE” is also Smeraldo. Perhaps it is expressed here that he desperately keeps hiding the time leap and the betrayal of his student days, which cannot be said to the other six people.

There is something in common with the “hidden” that was played in the end roll of “Euphoria”.

No matter how many times he made a time leap and corrected his mistakes, Jin never came to the perfect happiness he wanted.

Because each BTS member needed to face themselves in a mask, accept his past self, and recognize himself as himself.

Summary of Hana-Sama Nenka Album

How was your consideration of the story of Hana-Sama Nenka? It depicts the boys surviving the “most beautiful moments of their lives” and growing up through repeated anguish and conflict.

It’s so complicated and the story isn’t complete, so there are still many mysteries, but I hope you enjoy it as a consideration!

The story is very difficult, but I think what BTS wants to convey through years of work is the message, “I will accept my mistakes in the past as myself and love myself.” Such a message evoked a lot of sympathies and was one of the triggers for BTS to grow to this point.

Let’s look forward to the continuation of the story of Hana-Sama Nenka, which seems to continue!

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