BTS Songs with Best Lyrics

BTS Songs with Best Lyrics

So, you also want to know which BTS songs have the best lyrics that can melt your heart? Scroll down to this post of BTS Songs with Best Lyrics and love BTS even more!

Top 10 BTS songs with good lyrics! Introducing all lyrics, especially lyrics that can touch your heart

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BTS has challenged various music genres such as hip-hop, EDM, and ballads. It is sometimes said that the musicality has changed, but the stance of writing lyrics based on their own story has not changed. Therefore, many fans have sympathized with their lyrics, and all songs have been loved for a long time. 

From such BTS songs, we will introduce 10 songs that fans especially say “Lyrics are good!”:

#1 – Tomorrow

The lyrics of “Tomorrow” is about pursuing a dream, but the thoughts of BTS at the beginning of their debut, which was struggling with the current situation of not moving forward, are frankly expressed in the lyrics. 

“Where am I heading? 

Whether you go over there or over here, you will eventually come back here Oh, 

I wonder if it will be washed away somewhere

I wonder if there is an end in this maze ” 

“No matter where you stand now, it’s just a break

Don’t give up, you know, don’t go away tomorrow ”

It’s a song that inspires you not to give up, hoping that the coming tomorrow will change even a little, by comparing the unchanging everyday life to a maze where you can’t see the exit.

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#2 – Whalien 52

“Whalien 52” is a song based on “52 Hertz Whale”, and it is said that its voice does not reach anyone because it has a frequency different from other whales, and it is also called the most lonely whale in the world. The lyrics that express loneliness by superimposing themselves on the whales have a feeling of sadness and beauty that makes your heart squeeze.

“Lonely and lonely whale singing a song alone like this

I wonder if the day will come when I, like an isolated island, will shine brightly. “

Hoping that one day someone will hear this voice, I’m struck by the appearance of trying to continue singing. And here are the lyrics that best describe loneliness.

“This sea is so deep, but I’m happy

No one notices even if she sheds tears. “

Everyone feels lonely because one has become an enviable singer, and is living with pain and sadness that no one can tell. One of the reasons why this song is loved by many people is that the lyrics are so touching that people who feel lonely can sympathize while singing about themselves.

#3 – 2!3!

The title is “2! 3! is a phrase that is also used to signal BTS greetings, isn’t it? It seems that the lyrics say “I’ll forget what I don’t like when I give the signal of 1, 2, 3 ” are used to signal their greetings.

“It’s okay, forget about 1, 2, and 3

Erase all sad memories, hold hands and laugh

I hope there are still many good days in the future. ”

Even if they and the fans listening to this song have sad or hard days, they hope that they will have a better day in the future.

#4 – A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

The message “You never walk alone” is in the title. BTS has sung many songs with the theme of loneliness until Hana-Sama Nenka, but in this song, the lyrics express that they are walking together, saying that they can laugh if ARMY is by their side at any time. ..

“Sometimes it’s okay if it gets hurt or it’s painful because you’re by your side

You and I can laugh if you’re with me. “

Also, the point of this song is that not only do they have ARMY, but also the message that ARMY also has BTS.

“I never walk alone, I feel the warmth from your connected hands

You never walk alone Feel me, you’re not alone. “

#5 – Spring Day

“Spring Day,” which begins with lyrics that make you feel like “I want to meet you,” is a song about the feelings for people you can’t meet now. The word “I want to meet you” is repeated in the song, and the straightforward expression stirs up even more sadness.

“I want to see you, I want to see you

How long should I wait and how many nights should I cross

Can I see you? Can I see you? “

But in the last part, the lyrics that give a glimpse of hope are also impressive.

“Morning will come again, and darkness, any season

It won’t last forever, so this winter will come to an end so that the cherry blossoms will bloom.”

The lyrics of seeing you again in Spring Day are very beautiful because the time you want to meet but can’t is likened to winter, and this painful time is not eternal.

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#6 – Answer: Love Myself

The theme of this song, which BTS has been working on for about two years, is “to love yourself,” and through the lyrics, the message “the difficulty of loving oneself and still facing oneself” is included. 

It is also known that this song is connected to the part of the speech given at the UN General Assembly, “The flaws and failures are ourselves, and the brightest star that depicts the constellation of life.”

“Why are you just trying to hide into your mask?

Even the scars made by my mistake are all my constellations. “

The message of accepting your past mistakes and forgiving yourself is BTS-like and warm.

“I’m still learning how to love myself”

It’s a very impressive song with a close-knit message to find out how to love yourself together through the song.

#7 – Magic Shop

“Magic Shop” has very impressive lyrics that are close to the hearts of the fans, and as the members said, it is a song filled with “love for ARMY”.

“A day when I don’t like being me 

A day when I want to disappear forever

Let’s make one door in your heart

If you open the door, this place will be waiting for you. 

You can believe it. “

Even now that we have achieved “success”, we are sympathizing with the listeners that we still have the same anxieties and weaknesses, but we are still surprised by the message “We have this place”. 

Also, the lyrics related to the contents of Namjun’s Mento at WINGS Tour FINAL became a hot 


“You gave me something important, so give yourself the best

Didn’t you find me? Did you understand me? “

The lyrics encourage you not only to snuggle up but also to give yourself the best if you believe in yourself. BTS are wonderful!

#8 – Zero O’clock

The vocal line “Zero O’clock” is a song full of gentle lyrics that will comfort you when you listen to it at the end of the day. Namjoon, who was involved in writing the lyrics, often lay down in bed and wondered, “I wasn’t wrong, but was something wrong?”

“Come home and lie down in bed

Think about it, was I wrong?

A busy night, suddenly looking at the clock, it’s almost midnight.”

“When the second and minute hands overlap, the world holds its breath for a while.

Zero O’clock and you will be happy “

Even if something goes wrong or you make a mistake, the gentle lyrics that wrap you up will make you happy at midnight when the day ends, isn’t it? It seems that the next day is also thought to be a good day.

#9 – We are Bulletproof: The Eternal

“We are Bulletproof: the Eternal” is one of BTS and ARMY, which is the most suitable song for the album, which is said to be the culmination of seven years.

“Because we are both bulletproof (we have you)

Even if winter comes and someone blocks the way

We’re bulletproof forever (we’ve reached paradise)”

“We’re not seven, because you’re here”

BTS and ARMY are one team, and the message is that they are going to paradise together.

It’s a song that declares, “We’re still here, we’re going to go further,” hoping for eternity, and Namjoon cried many times during the work process. It sounds like a song that BTS has a lot of love for.

#10 – Life Goes On

“Life Goes On,” which begins with the lyrics “One day the world stopped,” is a song that comforted many people who were confused by the fact that the world had changed completely.

“I wonder if there is an exit that I can’t see ahead, I can’t walk.”

While sympathizing with the situation of being in the dark

“Close your eyes for a while, grab my hand here and run into that future.”

“People say that the world has changed completely.

Fortunately, our relationship is still the same. “

Even so, the message that we will continue to live together and the lyrics that make us realize that there are things that do not change from a different perspective are wonderful. It seems that there are many fans who were saved by this song that can find hope in the endless situation.

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