BTS Rap Line

BTS Rap Line

BTS Rap Line Features | Introducing the Songs of Rap Line Members

It is unique to KPOP music that there are vocalists and rappers in the group. And, of course, that doesn’t exclude BTS as the group also has a lot of rap talents.

We will introduce the BTS Rap Line that is in charge of the rap part of their songs, together with each members’ characteristics and individuality!

Who Makes Up the Rap Line in BTS?

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BTS rap line is a unit of three people, the main rapper Namjoon, the lead rapper Sugai, and the rapper J-hope, who are all in charge of the rap part of BTS songs. The members of the rap line are composed of members who were originally doing music and dance, so each of them is very good at expressing themselves.

If you pay attention to each singing style and lyrics, you can see their individuality! Each of the three rap line members also puts out personal mixtapes based on their hobbies and tastes, so be sure to check them out as well!

What are the Characteristics of Each Rap Line Member?


Namjoon has a wide repertoire from powerful raps to wrapping raps. Especially the slightly lower, gentle and sweet voice rap is very popular with fans.

He features a rap that is easy to hear without any habit, and the rap has a sense of stability even if it gets excited by the performance.

He is always involved in songwriting with a clear mind, and in his part, he will rap with intellectual expressions using metaphorical expressions.

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Suga is by far the bass rapper in the rap line. Originally he was active in the underground, so the rap style was established from the beginning of his debut.

He often writes straight lyrics with radical expressions, and he is characterized by super-high-speed rap that makes me scream. He also plays the most important role in hip-hop music because he has the most powerful rap among the rap line members.


J-Hope is characterized by pop-rap that is easy to impress. Since he was originally a vocalist, he has a short rap history compared to the other two members, but there are many fans who like J-Hope’s rap.

J-Hope has a low voice suitable for hip-hop, and if he raps with a high voice, he will have a catchy finish, so it will expand the range of music.

On the mixtape, you can see the rap with a strong message while taking advantage of the cuteness of J-Hope, so be sure to check it out!

BTS Songs with Rap Lines


This is a rap line song recorded in the first mini-album of BTS. The lyrics are provocative and ironic to hip-hop music. You can hear the innocent rap of the rap line!

Intro: Skool Luv Affair

This song is about love, with a sweet concept of Suga, a positive J-Hope, and a hip-hop style of Namjoon. It was sung at the 2019 fan meeting and regained attention as a nostalgic song.

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BTS Cypher, PT. 2: Triptych

This rap song is a very popular Cypher series following Pt. 1. From this point on, each one is getting closer to the current rap style that they perform.

BTS Cypher PT. 3: KILLER

You can feel the strength of the first melody and lyrics among the songs on the rap line so far.

Therefore, the rap of the rap lines members is more aggressive than ever, and it is a song called “This is BTS hip hop”.

BTS Cypher 4

This is the newest Cypher currently on the market. Instead of the provocative raps that have been used up until now, Cypher 4 shows a rap that gives you a bird’s eye view of everything.

Other: Her

It is a fashionable song that combines jazz music with a gentle rap of the rap line members. Each song has its own personality, so please listen while looking at the lyrics!


It was this song that was released at the 2018 Festa and attracted a lot of attention from the fans.

It’s a fanfare for Anti, who doesn’t accept BTS, but the rap lines that don’t deal with what Anti says at all are exuding, and it’s finished very cool.

Despite the high quality of the song, the fact that it is not made into a sound smoulders the hearts of fans.

Other: Loom

It is a song with a profound feeling that has never been seen before and is characterized by slow and slow rap.

Rather than the music that has a good feeling, the music is finished so that you can listen to the lyrics by paying attention to them.


It’s a song with a sense of speed and “criticism of an angry society” written on it.

In the chorus part, there is a part where fans can easily get together, so it would be nice if you could listen to it at the concert soon!

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