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BTS Member Education

KPOP idols are busy with their activities, but it is not uncommon for them to be compatible with their studies. BTS seems to have no time to fly around the world and study, but did you know that all members are currently students? We will introduce each BTS Member’s Education background, achievements, and smartness at …

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BTS Jungkook Dog

Jungkook’s dog Bam is very popular as a new family of BTS. The appearance of walking and playing next to Jungkook is like a father and a son, isn’t it? However, since Bam has just been released to the public, you may often be wondering what kind of dog he is. In this article, we …

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BTS Ear Piercing, Which BTS members have their ears pierced?, Does V from BTS have his ears pierced?, Which BTS member doesn't have pierced ears?, Does J-Hope have ear piercings?, jungkook ear piercing, jhope ear piercing, jimin ear piercing, how many piercings does jungkook have, suga ear piercing, how many piercings does jhope have, RM ear piercing, v bts ear piercing, bts members ear piercing, who doesn't have ear piercing in bts, does bts have ear piercing, which bts member has no ear piercing, bts no ear piercing,

BTS Ear Piercing

As one of the top artists, BTS also attracts the fans’ attention for being fashionable showing uniqueness and accessories. Among accessories, there are many fans who are interested in the piercings of each member. From the position and number of such piercings, we will introduce BTS Ear Piercing to let you know them better! Namjoon’s …

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BTS English Song List, Does BTS have any songs in English?, Which BTS song is full English?, How many fully English songs does BTS have?, What is the first BTS English song?, bts english songs list, bts songs that are english, are there any bts songs in english, bts famous english songs,

BTS English Song List

BTS released their first full-length English song in 2020. Starting with their song named “Dynamite”, BTS English songs became a big hit worldwide, and they have become a superstar that everyone knows. In this article, we will introduce in detail some reasons why BTS has started singing English songs recently, predicting the influence of English …

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BTS Jungkook Family, Do Jungkook have parents?, How many people are in the Jungkook family?, jungkook family picture, jungkook mother, jungkook brother, jungkook parents, jungkook brother bts jungkook family photos, bts jungkook family picture, bts jungkook and his family, bts jungkook family members, does bts have family, bts taehyung family members, bts jeon jungkook family,

BTS Jungkook Family

BTS member Jungkook was born in a place called Mandeok-dong in Buk-gu, Busan Metropolitan city, as the second son of the Jeon family.  During vacations, Jungkook often uploads on his SNS his return to Busan, where his parents’ home is located. Jungkook left his parents at the age of 14, but his family seems to …

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BTS Muscles and ABS, BTS Abs Ranking, bts Abs, bts v abs, bts abs rm, bts jimin abs, jungkook muscles bts, bts abs photos, bts abs jin, bts abs suga, bts Jin abs, which bts member have abs, who has the biggest abs in bts, do bts have abs, who have abs in bts, who have best abs in bts, which bts member has best abs, do bts members have abs how many bts members have abs,

BTS Muscles And Abs

BTS has been talked about as a big change in their body recently. Since building an Idol’s body is essential to survive intense performances and long-term tours, BTS members seem to be training hard, even though the influence of Corona has reduced their chances of performing. In addition to the BTS member’s muscle and abs …

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