BTS Member Height and Weight

BTS Member Height and Weight 2022 | Who is the tallest and heaviest?

Aside from the captivating songs that BTS has to offer, I know you’re also intrigued to know more about them beyond that! Do you want to know BTS Member Height and Weight? Well, this post is for you! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Height and Weight of BTS Members Ranking

Korean idols are famous for their good style, but BTS members who are active in the world also have a model system! I would like to introduce BTS members with such a good style in a ranking format. Each has its own good points, so try to find a member of your ideal style!

7th place Suga – Length 174cm and weight 60kg

7th place Suga - Length 174cm and weight 60kg
Image source: Instagram

Yoongi is the shortest among the BTS members and 7th in the ranking in BTS. Despite this, he is a member with a very good physical balance! Yoongi has the impression that it is white and thin, but in fact, it has a shoulder width that is as strong as Jin and V. 

Therefore, there is no feeling that suits and costumes are worn on clothes, and the owner has a skeleton that can be fashionably dressed.  Yoongi, who has thin and long legs, posted in a tweet around 2013 that “My name is SUGA, I’m still a trainee, but my legs are Girls’ Generation” It’s really beautiful legs! 

Yoongi has the whiteness and thinness that such women envy, but recently he seems to have strengthened his training, and his chest and shoulder-width have improved more than before.  He also changed to a masculine style. 

Anyway, his arms are long! I measured the arm length of each member in the BTS variety show and found that the ratio of the arm to the height was quite high because the numbers were the same as those of the taller members.  In addition, Yoongi’s hands are rugged and masculine, and cool with blood vessels. There are many ARMYs called Yoongi’s hand fetish!

Although Yoongi is 174 cm long, he has a style that is comparable to other tall members. The style of the short members Yoongi and Jimin is good, and I get the impression that they are perfectly balanced with the other members.

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6th place Jin – Length 179cm and weight 63kg 

6th place Jin - Length 179cm and weight 63kg 
Image source: Instagram

Jin is a member 1’s small face and is famous for his wide shoulders among the ARMY! The shoulder width is often tampered with by the members so that it becomes a story in various situations, but Jungkook who is training his body and increasing the shoulder width is envious.

Jin, who has an overwhelmingly small face, looks even smaller due to the wide shoulders he has! Studies have shown that his face has a golden ratio because it has a perfect balance of nose, mouth, and eyes in a face that is shockingly small when actually seen at a live concert. 

Compared to the wide masculine shoulder width, Jin’s waist and pelvis size give a feminine impression. 

Jin, who is not very particular about plain clothes, shows a beautiful style when wearing stage costumes and concept photos that can take advantage of the exquisite balance of masculine and feminine. High-waisted trousers look great because they have a constriction!

Isn’t he the member of BTS who looks best in a costume like a prince? Even with this simple white outfit, Jin’s overflowing princely feeling is really amazing.

 Jin is said to have the shortest leg in BTS, but even so, his style is really good!

5th place J-Hope – Length 177cm and weight 63kg

5th place J-Hope - Length 177cm and weight 63kg
Image source: Instagram

J-Hope, who usually says that he is not good at muscle training and exercise, has not a solid style with muscles, but his body is beautiful and delicate. It is an impression that he has a feminine and supple line.

All BTS members have a good style, so if you put it in the ranking, the ranking will be low, but J-Hope’s style is really well-balanced and even feels clean. Like Jimin, he has a body that can be worn with any outfit and suits a wide variety of outfits.

In plain clothes, J-Hope often wears street-style dowel clothes, but since the lines of his body are thin, wearing slender clothes will change the atmosphere considerably!

One of the most suitable outfits these days is the live outfit provided by DIOR to BTS.

It is the high potential of J-Hope that clothes with such a slightly unusual design look good on you!

4th place V – Length 179cm and weight 62kg

4th place V - Length 179cm and weight 62kg
Image source: Instagram

At the beginning of his debut, V had the impression that his body line was thin, but in the last two years or so, his body has grown steadily. The more you feel the sex appeal, the more the muscles have changed to a masculine body. Compared to this, the shoulder width, arms, neck thickness, etc. have changed considerably!

In plain clothes, V often likes to wear dull clothes, but I am surprised at the length of his legs in skinny clothes that he sometimes wears. The style is really outstanding!

I think V has a style that makes special outfits that you don’t usually wear when shooting magazines and VCRs. 

V has an inverted triangular body image like a swimmer among men’s styles, and it is an ideal style that suits a jacket that narrows from solid shoulder width to the pelvis. Compared to the top Namjoon and Jungkook, I feel a sense of bones, so I think it’s a model system that suits any outfit without bloating!

And, besides the style, please pay attention to the beautiful hands of V! It’s a little different from the masculine, rugged hands, as it really looks beautiful, slender, picture-like hands. I think there are many ARMYs who find V’s hand fetish!  

BTS seems to refuse to work as an individual model outside the group, but I would like to expect V’s model appearance in various costumes in the future!

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3rd place Jimin – Length 174cm and weight 58kg

3rd place Jimin - Length 174cm and weight 58kg
Image source: Instagram

Jimin is short among BTS members, but he is famous for his long legs. He has a well-balanced and outstanding style that can be worn with any outfit! When he just made his debut, he was in charge of muscles in the group, so Jimin had a cracked abdominal muscle so that he could make a six-pack.

Starting from around 2016, after making a shift change to build a body that suits him, he will have a beautiful and supple style without any waste! The body itself is quite delicate, so it changed to a neutral impression.

According to himself, he seems to be focusing on hip training, and the position of the buttocks is surprisingly high. The line of the foot when viewed from the side is really beautiful, isn’t it? I think it’s the perfect style for the dance genre, which Jimin is good at. The originally long legs look even longer because the hips are raised. 

I think there are many fans who like the style of Jimin’s figure. Not only does it have moderate muscles, but it also has a supple part that retains its softness, so it seems that many female fans also long for Jimin’s style and do body make-up!

2nd place Jungkook – Length 178cm and weight 70kg

2nd place Jungkook - Length 178cm and weight 70kg
Image source: Instagram

Jungkook also has quite long legs. Most of the plain clothes are loose, so I’m always shocked by the difference in style when he wears skinny pants in his outfit. Here is a photo that is often talked about such as a long-legged Jungkook. 

It seems that other male performers are also quite tall, but Jungkook’s waist height and the long legs that extend from it are inevitable! When Jungkook sits in a chair, he looks smaller than any other member, which shows that his sitting height is quite low. It seems that your feet occupy most of your height

Jungkook may be the one who has changed the most style of BTS since his debut. His muscles have already been firmly attached since the time of this photo around 2017, but as a result of physical modification by boxing including full-scale exercise, he now recording 10% body fat! Jungkook loves training that is why he is called a muscular rabbit.

This video and photo are the latest Jungkook.

The body is more like an athlete than an idol. 

1st place NamjoonLength 181cm and weight 74kg

1st place Namjoon - Length 181cm and weight 74kg
Image source: Instagram

Namjoon, the tallest member of BTS, is 181 cm tall, and most of his body is legs. 

This is a picture taken by a fan from the audience seats, but it’s an amazing foot length! From the overwhelming style, I think he is the member who looks best in a suit. 

Furthermore, as you can see from this photo, the owner has a surprisingly small face compared to his height! I am surprised every time a photo is uploaded, no matter how many heads I have.

Namjun has the impression that he is slurred and slender from the time of his debut, but he has begun to train his body in earnest for the past two years, and recently the changes in the thickness of the chest plate, arm muscles, and thickness have become a big topic among ARMY. It was! 

I was surprised at the chest muscles in the above picture, but this picture shows the body that has been further trained after that! Your physique will improve and you will feel dignified somewhere, right? 

During this corona period, it seems that he put effort into building his body so that he would not get dull, and in the app that interacts with fans, the body fat became 15% by body measurement and he gained more weight than before.

Originally, Namjoon had a good style, but now that he has more masculine and powerful muscles, he has become sexier! I think there are many ARMYs who are captivated by him.

Who Has the Best Style Among the BTS Members?

So far, we have introduced the style rankings of BTS members, but all seven of them have quite a few styles!

I have the impression that many Korean idols have long legs and good style, but I feel that seven well-balanced idols have gathered in this post. It seems that the goodness of this averagely high style also affects the stage appearance! Who is your favorite among them?

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