BTS Jin Funny Moments

BTS Jin Funny Moments

Are you interested to see BTS Jin Funny Moments? Scroll down to this post as we have summarized interesting episodes of Jin for you to see! Let’s get started.

The Humor of BTS Jin is Interesting! 

Speaking of Jin, it’s so brilliant just to be there that he is said to be in charge of visuals because of his neat looks. But his charm isn’t just about beautiful appearance, but he also has humor that can make people smile and soothe the air.

Let’s take a look at Jin’s interesting funny episodes at once!

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Interesting Funny Moment ①: on V Live

First is the episode on V Live. After the fan meeting, he came back to the hotel and started a popular content called Eat Jin.

Member Jimin participated, and the content was supposed to eat rice, saying, “Today’s rice is gum and candy,” but the story of the two began while eating gum and candy.

And when he thought that Jungkook was also involved and the three of them were writing Aiueo, Jin suddenly quarreled with Jungkook saying “Jungkook, what is the language level!” And suddenly started singing. Jin World exploded.

I think it matches the tension of Jungkook, who is five years younger, but on the contrary, it seems that Jungkook is enjoying Jin’s playfulness. You can see why the members say that Jin is the youngest.

It was a live broadcast where the members couldn’t stop laughing when Jin was there. It’s full of laughter, so please take a look.

Interesting Funny Moment ②: Interaction with Fans

There are various ways to interact with Korean idols and fans. Next, let’s take a look at the autograph session and the interaction between Jin and the fans on Weverse.

Weverse is a community created to allow artists and fans to communicate freely, where fans can send messages to artists and interact with each other.

Jin often checks Weverse fans’ posts and makes interesting replies, so I’d like to introduce some of them as well.

Interaction Between Jin and a Fan ①

BTS concert tickets are no longer available to the extent that they become illusory tickets.

This is a post by a fan who got a wonderful concert ticket for the culmination of the 2019 “BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” in Seoul.

Fan: Are you going to a concert on Sunday? Let’s have fun together!

Jin: I’m going on Sunday too!

Jin returns. I’m going to a BTS concert, so of course, Jin will go too! It makes me want to be crazy. It’s been a long time since the concert in Seoul, so maybe Jin was looking forward to it too.

Jin is good at giving humorous returns that make you laugh.

Interaction Between Jin and a Fan ②

Next is Jin’s favorite father gag. This is an excerpt from the lyrics of the BTS song “Best of Me”.

Fan: You are my salvation (구원) You are my window I only need you

Jin: Is 10 won not enough?

This was an exchange in Korean, what do you mean? Maybe some people thought that.

Actually, in Korean, “salvation (구원)” and “9 won (구원)” are the same.

If you understand the meaning, that’s what it means! At the same time as he laughs, he is impressed that Jin is really good at playing with words. Even if you don’t understand Korean, you might be worried about Jin’s gag and just look it up.

Interaction Between Jin and a Fan ③

The last is the interaction with the fans at the autograph session. The rules for autograph sessions have changed now, but in the past,  he was able to post it and ask any questions that he ike. It seems that a fan asked such a question on Post It.

Fan: How much would I have to pay if I were to marry Jin?

Jin: 30 billion won

It is 3 billion won. It’s quite a dry response, but it’s interesting to see Jin’s honest return, which doesn’t make fans dream.

In response to the comment “Please get married” on V live broadcast, the other members responded with a bit of a shock, such as “You need documents when you say marriage.” Was a strict Jin to the fans, saying “Don’t say the impossible” immediately.

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Interesting Funny Moment ③: At a Concert in Paris

Jin makes people smile by taking advantage of his humor not only for members and fans but also when he goes out. It was when BTS participated in the “Korean Music Sound-Korean-French Friendship Concert” held in Paris in 2018.

On this day, BTS, which played a major role, met with South Korean President Moon. After the lecture, President Moon talked to Jin intimately, saying, “I watched the TV that Jin and Jungkook were on.”

While the members were a little nervous and expressing their gratitude, Jin was not afraid and asked President Moon, “Would you like to take this opportunity to take a picture with us?”

President Moon was laughing at this. Here is the photo.

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As soon as he thought that he had finished taking the picture, Jin took out the watch box that President Moon had given him in advance from my chest pocket and said, “I brought the watch box I received. Can you give me a sign?” He also brought a sign pen.

President Moon responded with a smile to well-prepared Jin. Jin is said to have a shy personality, but he has a good sense of humor and tension. The video at this time is also released, so please check it out!

How were Jin’s funny moments? Stay tuned for more of Jin’s humorous episodes.

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