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BTS J-Hope Dance Style

Although it is known that all BTS members dance well, we cannot deny the fact that BTS J-Hope Dance Style stands out. 

Scroll down to this post and learn about how good J-Hope’s dance is and appreciate him even more.

The Greatness of J-HOPE’s Dance

Dance leader J-Hope is the one who leads the performance of BTS. He indeed have a passion for dance and performance which makes him a professional dancer.

Let’s take a thorough look at the origin and charm of J-Hope’s dance!

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The Start of J-Hope’s Dance Career

J-hope belonged to a dance team called “Neuron” in his hometown of Gwangju and was active as a street dancer under the nickname “Smile Hoya”. When he was a street dancer, he practiced the genre called “Boogaloo” most of all “Poppin”.

He started dancing when he was in junior high school and was a famous dancer who had won various dance battles and competitions.

Here is a video of J-Hope’s dance, which seems to be before his debut and when he attended the famous dance academy in Gwangju.

Way back in his high school days, it was said that when he dance, his body looked really small since he wasn’t a trainee yet.

Since he started dancing, he is already a great dancer with impressive movements. It is also said that J-Hope is dancing in the red trousers that are cut off at the right end of the next video.

 It seems that the way of dancing with a soft body and a core has not changed since before.

What are the Characteristics and Awesomeness of J-Hope’s Dance?


Supple and Core

J-Hope is characterized by having a very supple and flexible dance. BTS’s popular song “Spring day” performed a dance that made use of the softness of the body. 

Not to mention the high flexibility, I think that J-Hope has very soft joints.  Taking advantage of the smooth movement of the body, the Japanese ballad song “Let go” also attracts fans with a wonderful performance. 

Each song has a soft appearance, but it is also characterized by the fact that you can hear something like a solid core.

Powerful and Delicate

BTS is also famous for its many powerful and intense dances. It is no exaggeration to say that the live classic “Dope” is the real thrill of J-Hope’s dance. Although it is delicate, it uses the whole body to perform very powerfully. However, the characteristic of J-Hope’s dance is that it has a delicacy in its strength. 

I think that I have been trying to perform carefully using from toes to fingertips without losing dance even with fast-paced songs.

The song “ON” which is included in the latest album seems to be exhausting just by dancing because it features a very intense dance. However, it reproduces even the movement of the fine body and dances without cutting corners.

Not to mention his talent for dancing, his commitment to every performance may have led to J-Hope’s delicate dance.

Enjoy Dancing Anyway

One of the main reasons why J-Hope’s dance attracts people is that J-Hope himself loves and enjoys dancing from the bottom of his heart. 

At the performance at New York Times Square at the end of the year, he did dance well, but it seems to be really fun to see the facial expressions that bite the atmosphere of the place and the appearance of making eye contact with the members.

What a lively and fun way to show his impressive dance style! So are dance skills, but J-hope’s expression is always wonderful.

His solo song, “Just Dance,” is a dance expression of J-Hope’s love for dance. It is very impressive to see him dancing and running around the stage happily.

“Just dance” = “A song that expresses my life in an easy-to-understand rap while I love dancing and feel the dance.” He said.

J-Hope’s appeal as a dancer is that not only does he have a technique that everyone will look at, but he enjoys the stage the most. When the performers themselves enjoy themselves, fans become more excited to see them. 

Sometimes it is said that J-Hope’s dance has a habit in order to add arrangements, but it can be said that originality can be put out because it is an advanced dance expert.  Rather than dancing beautiful and model-like dances, J-Hope’s greatest attraction is that he can freely express himself by dancing, and I think it’s amazing.

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Is J-Hope also Involved in Choreography?

Mr. Son Sungdeuk is known to be the main person who is in charge of BTS choreography, but J-hope also participates in choreography making.

Since the members are composing the lyrics when they start choreographing, they discuss together to create a dance that captures the intentions of the song.

Choreographer Son Sungdeuk said in an interview that J-hope who is the leader of BTS dance contributes a lot of beautiful steps to make their songs more impressive.

It is also impressive for J-hope to learn the choreography faster than anyone else and check the missing parts and details of other members.

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