BTS Dormitory Evolution

BTS is well known for being all good-looking and their love for music. For this post, we’re going to reveal BTS Dormitory Evolution from the start of their career and some stories about their stay there! Are you curious about how they all started to become a group in one room? Let’s get started.

Introducing All the BTS Lodgings | How they lived in the dormitory together.

Many people may be wondering where and how the members of the KPOP group BTS, which is very popular in the world, live. Currently, each member has started living alone in the condominium, but until the end of 2019, they lived together.

Introducing the past lodgings which are filled with many memories and the way of their life there, which the members have spent together during such 7 years of being in a group.

Trainee days-2015: Small Room in Nonhyeon-dong Apartment

The first BTS dormitory was a small room of 17 tsubo on the 3rd floor of an apartment in Nonhyeon-dong. This photo was taken when all the members celebrated their debut 1st-anniversary party!

BTS Living together in dormitory
Image Source: Twitter

As you can see from the photo, it seems to be quite cramped for seven growing boys to live in.

This video is a room introduction in a program called “Rookie King BTS” broadcast on SBS! A small kitchen, a living room full of things, and a small room packed with bunk beds.

In this era, there was no room allocation, and everyone seemed to sleep in the same place.

Looking at the current sophisticated members, I am deeply moved by the fact that BTS had experienced such an era.

This is a video of the 1st-anniversary party at the dormitory! You will feel a sense of familiarity in the room where you can feel a sense of life!

The appearance of seven people surrounding a small table and eating deliciously is not different from now, and it’s funny.

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What is Each Member’s Role in the Dormitory?

I would like to introduce some episodes in their first dormitory where the blue walls really looked impressive!

This is the role interview of each member in the first dormitory.

SUGA is like a father in the dormitory. He supported the members behind the scenes, repairing things that his father entrusted to him at home, and replacing light bulbs.

It is also introduced that RM is in charge of the King of Destruction as he is now.

From this era, J-HOPE played the role of a mother, waking up members, keeping things tidy, complaining, pointing out mistakes, buying daily necessities, etc.

Jungkook seems to be the youngest and was in charge of all the things that were said and the details.

Jimin is in charge of making members laugh with cold words. I’m talking about softening the atmosphere of the place while making it fluffy, but now it’s said that he always makes the members smile!

And V is in charge of mischief! At the time of his debut, V was a really mischievous child compared to now, and he was a BTS problem child who would extinguish the candles on the cake alone even at the 1st-anniversary party.

Jin says he has been in charge of the dormitory since this time and even now, he’s always serving delicious rice to his six younger brothers! I also love that the basic roles of the seven people haven’t changed since this era.

Friendship episode of SUGA and JHOPE

Another episode that is often talked about in this era is the friendship episode between SUGA and J-HOPE.

At the end of the year when he was a trainee, J-HOPE remained in the dormitory alone while everyone was returning to their parents’ house after catching a cold. SUGA, who was worried about his physical condition, immediately returned to J-HOPE when he called “Is it okay?” and answered, “I’m bored alone.”

SUGA was trying to spend New Year’s Eve with his family, but it is a famous episode of J-HOPE who says that he fell in love with the appearance of returning with chicken. The two of them have just come to the dormitory and shouldn’t have been so close to each other, but SUGA who can take such actions is still a man!

2015-End of 2017: “Mecenatpolis” directly connected to Hapcheon Station

BTS moved from a small dormitory in 2015. The lodgings at this time are located next to Hongdae Station and are also known to be home to many celebrities called “Mecenatpolis”, which is directly connected to Hapcheon Station.

In addition to the living space, “Mecenatpolis” has a large complex called “Mecenatpolis Mall”.

It is a city of art and is located in the Hongdae area, which is popular with trend-conscious young people.

Mecenatpolis, which is designed by the same designer as “Roppongi Hills”, is an open street mall overlooking the blue sky. It seems that many Korean idols such as BTS, BIGBANG, and APINK lived here.

This photo is the packing scene at Bon Voyage 1. 

The shelves and rooms are full of things for 7 people! If you want to see more of the room layout and members’ rooms, please check out BTS’s reality program “BON VOYAGE SEASON1”!

Room allocation ①

Here is the room allocation for BTS members in Mesenapolis.

①: SUGA, Jin

②: RM, Jungkook

③: Tete, J-HOPE, Jimin

Jin and SUGA seem to get along well enough to say that they are eternal roommates, and although they don’t do anything together, they sometimes watch TV together. Perhaps because their lifestyle fits very well, it seems to be very quiet in private compared to the other five members.

RM and Jungkook are in a double room. It is a famous story among fans that RM’s snoring is amazing, but it seems that Jungkook was suffering from big snoring at this time as well. RM loves clothes, so it’s not surprising that many clothes were scattered in the room.

Even in the BTS radio program, the members talked about the room allocation at this time, and Jungkook raised his hand to the question “I like my roommate now, but honestly I envy other rooms?” There was a scene where RM also said it back.

Jungkook and RM are also members who value their time alone, so although they are not dissatisfied, it may have been a little difficult for each other to live.

Tete, J-HOPE, and Jimin were using the room. There were many games in the room for three people, and it seems that they were always playing brightly and noisy. It was said that Jungkook was often immersed in this room. 

This radio talks about each roommate so if you’re curious, check it out!

Room allocation ②

And here is the second room allocation in this dormitory.

①: J-HOPE / Jimin

Who are roommates in BTS dormitory
Image Source: Amino

②: RM / Tete

BTS Dormitory Evolution
Image Source: Amino

③: SUGA Jin

④: Jungkook

What has changed is that Tete has changed from a triple room to the same room as RM.

And Jungkook of Manne finally got a single room. In an interview around this time, Jungkook revealed that he got a single room in rock-paper scissors.

After all, it seems that there was a bit of a dispute in the double room of RM and Tete lol

In this video, a reproduction video of blood, sweat, and tears is taken in the dormitory, and each room is shown a little.

In the BTS variety show called Taryo Rabantan, you can see the closet scene in the dormitory, so please check it out from V LIVE.

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An episode in the Dormitory

There was such an episode in the dormitory of Mecenatpolis. It’s interesting because it’s a story that will never happen in the first small dormitory. Also, the annoying episode that Tete throws away things he doesn’t want to get out when cleaning the room in the member’s room is also a story in this dormitory.

End of 2017-End of 2019: “Hannam the Hill” in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu

At the end of 2017, BTS moved to Hannam the Hill, which is said to be the most luxurious condominium in Korea. This is a top-class condominium located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, and is designed not as a high-rise building but as a collection of low-floor buildings.

BTS is the first idol to use this as a dormitory, and it is a special property where only influential people in the business world and popular entertainers can live. Since they are not buying a room and just renting it, they are paying about 1.5 million yen a month for rent.

Here is the interior of Hannam the Hill.

Room allocation for members

Since moving to this dormitory, members other than Jimin and JHOPE have been using a single room. This is the inside of the dormitory that appeared in the video of BTS’s reality program “BON VOYAGE SEASON3”.

Jimin is lonely because he is not good at being alone, so it seems that J-HOPE decided to continue using the same room. The two are the only roommates who have been using the same room until the end! The rooms of other members are also shown a little, so please check it out in the video.

Although it is not an episode, there was a scene where the members complained that it was difficult to avail the dormitory in Hannam the Hill. 

Since the building has good security, it seems that only a limited number of items can be ordered outside. It may be a big problem for BTS members who love to eat. After this period, each member rented an apartment individually and now lives separately.

“Hannam the Hill” is still a place where seven people gather

It was said that BTS would cancel “Hannam the Hill” because each member will start living alone from the end of 2019, but even now, they continue to rent a room in “Hannam the Hill” as a lodging facility. And it seems!

BTS’s reality show “BON VOYAGE SEASON4” broadcast in July 2019 shows Hannam the Hill’s living room and kitchen.

The members already own their own houses, but it seems that they still often gather in the dormitories for launches after the tour. This is the one that uploaded the state of the launch at the end of the live on Twitter.

Furthermore, even after the beginning of 2020, Vlive will be delivered live at the dormitory.

Around June, Jimin and Jungkook broadcast a gimbap making in the kitchen of the dormitory.

SUGA also delivered from his room on V LIVE recently, and he answered the question from the fans, “This is my room in the dormitory.”

In addition, Jin also delivered to his room or YouTube.

Currently, it seems that you are using it as a space where members can gather at any time.

I think there are few Korean idols who have lived so long in the dormitory because all BTS members are on good terms!

Each member buys an apartment, but it’s nice to have a dormitory other than the office as a place for 7 people to gather! The following article introduces the condominiums that the members purchased and currently live in.

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