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Best TWICE Songs Ranked 2023

Since its debut in 2015, TWICE has released a number of famous songs and has been making explosive hits one after another.

Since the activity after the comeback is mainly lead songs, many minor masterpieces that have never been shown on TV are buried in the songs included in the album.

Here are the Best TWICE Songs that everyone should listen to!


Best TWICE Songs, best twice songs 2022, best to worst twice songs, top 10 twice songs, twice songs in order, best twice songs ranked, top 10 best twice songs, twice best songs playlist, once twice melody best songs,
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“SAY SOMETHING” is included in the full album “Eyes Wide Open” released in October 2020.

Recently, the new movement of city pop and Nutro (New and Retro) in South Korea has been introduced as a new genre of music by TWICE in this “SAY SOMETHING”.

It’s a calm song overall, reminiscent of Japanese city pop in the ’80s and ’90s. The title “SAY SOMETHING” has a meaning to literary say something, but this song is not a song with a strong and clear message, but an enjoying with a relaxed atmosphere and world view. 

When you actually listen to this song, you can see a fantastic and moody scene full of moonlight and glittering lights on the street.

It’s late at night, and the atmosphere suddenly changes and it feels awkward, but in such a vague atmosphere that they expect somewhere, someone whispers in a thin voice, “Say something.”  

TWICE has covered various concepts from cute songs and cool songs to adult-like sexy lines, but “SAY SOMETHING” is the first of the sad and ephemeral concepts unique to city pop.

Although this song is retro, it not only evokes emotional feelings that are not old-fashioned, but you can enjoy fresh TWICE that challenged a new concept five years after its debut in 2015.


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TWICE song “MAKE ME GO” is recorded in “MORE & MORE” released in June 2020 and is a song written by Nayeon, and it was completed when she was writing the lyrics because she was bored by plane while traveling to the United States.

Heavy beats are engraved from the intro, and the trendy sound with a Western-style atmosphere that enjoys the rhythm rather than the melody line is fashionable. Since the deep bass is a number that resonates with the body as a whole, the key of the song is also low, and it is an adult love song that is not like TWICE.

Until now, TWICE’s love songs have been royal roads with cute songs that sing the crush and frustration of one-sided feelings and the happiness of both feelings, but in “MAKE ME GO” it is the initiative of love. It’s the female side.

The content of the lyrics was also provocative, “I know, you need me? Love me soon.” The TWICE who were cute girls became adults, and now they can sing such fascinating songs. It was also a new discovery.

In particular, the bass part of English depicts a completely good woman who seduces the prey and sets it to trap, and it feels like it is being rolled in TWICE’s palm. However, it’s not about looking from the top, and although you know the victory or defeat of love, you’ll still leave it to the other party to make the final decision.

Still, there is no doubt that you will be swallowed up by the fascinating atmosphere created by TWICE, which is sexy, and overwhelming and you have to drown in love.

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“HO!” Is a song that Jihyo participated in writing and is included in the album “What Is Love?” Released in April 2018. The title “HO!” is a reaction used when you are surprised or happy.

In Jihyo’s words, Jihyo’s words tell us that everything has changed because of love and that she is surprised by her new self, which she had never known before.

In this song, after you have a favorite person, the path you have seen so far looks different, you notice yourself fluttering with the gesture of your favorite person, and you feel like you are the center of the world. A girl in love is depicted.

The lyrics are sweet and full of femininity, but the melody is a refreshing song that makes you want to start running, so it is well-balanced with the lyrics and easy to hear.

Even so, the rock sound of rust and the high-pitched voice that penetrates are refreshing, and the sweetness is blown away and it has changed to a fresh impression, and it is no wonder that it is a title track.

A song that is so cute that it seems to burn your heart will look good on TWICE, but TWICE is cute, bright, and energetic like “HO!” It’s a nice song, isn’t it?


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TWICE song entitled “LOOK AT ME” is recorded in the album “Twicetagram” released in October 2017 is all about cute lyrics and melody, and you can enjoy the cute TWICE from the beginning to the end.

The title “LOOK AT ME” means staring at me, and although it is clear that they have both feelings for each other, it is a song that sings about the situation where the other person does not look and the eyes do not meet at all.

Why do you look away when you say that you want to see me, give me flowers, and express your favorite feelings by saying and acting? From the question, the lyrics are filled with a messy feeling that I want you to see rather than showing it in words or actions.

Everything is cute throughout one song, “LOOK AT ME”, but the phrase “Narupara Parabua” (look at me) that is often sandwiched between songs is particularly popular.

It’s sung with an up-tempo rhythm as a whole, but only this part is sung as if you were talking to “Why don’t you look at your eyes?”. Therefore, it is listed as a favorite part throughout “LOOK AT ME”, so please pay attention to it.


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“LOVE FOOLISH” is included in the album “Feel Special” released in September 2019, and Momo participates in making the lyrics. The title literally means “stupid love,” and it’s a song about love and hate at the same time, even though you really like someone.

Speaking of Momo, she is known to like Barbie dolls and cute things like pink, but it is a poisonous song that I can not think of the lyrics written by Momo herself.

“Every time I like you, I hate you” and “When you are happy, I feel sad”, etc. It is fresh with a dark adult love song that is not a bright and cute love song with full-blown TWICE color. With the madness of jumping into dangerous love and the magical power of being dragged into the swamp of love, Momo’s sense of language selection is shining.

The end of the song ends with the word “I hate you”, but behind that word, there is a depth that can be read even if you like it and can’t help it.

It was a surprise that Momo could write such meaningful lyrics in Korean although she is Japanese, and it was a new discovery that such a side was hidden in her, and it was also a chance to reveal her talent as a lyricist.

The back sound is also addictive and has the appeal of making you want to play it over and over again.


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TWICE song “STRAWBERRY” from the album “FANCY YOU” released in April 2019 is a song written by Chaeyoung who wanted to make a song based on strawberries.

Chaeyoung, who loves fruit strawberries and is nicknamed “Princess Ichigo,” is sweet and sour and cute, yet has a novel content.

The song has a strong cute image, but Chaeyoung says that the main concept is cute, provocative, and sexy, and I want you to like your original appearance more than the one that was made so that the strawberries are delicious no matter what processing is done. Chaeyoung said that she was thinking that.

As Chaeyoung says, there is a lyric in the song, “It’s sweet without sugar, so you can just leave it as it is.”

Besides that, it is good to compare your love to red ripe strawberries, to the freckles of your favorite partner to strawberry seeds, and to have a unique sense of focus and to see the color of Chaeyoung firmly in the lyrics. 

There are many words related to strawberries, so some fans learned that the word “Tarugi” in the lyrics of the chorus was “strawberry” because of this song.

The tempo of the song is slow and the melody is easy to hear, especially the rust is very impressive and easy to hum, so it is fun for fans to sing along with TWICE at the concert.

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“SWEET TALKER” is included in the mini-album “What Is Love?” Released in April 2018, and is written by Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung. As the title means a person who whispers sweet words, the girl’s hesitation is sung by a person who is tempted by sweet words.

The heroine in the song was saying that she might be a good person, even though her friends told her she was just being deceived by someone who was used to playing. In fact, as my friends say, she realized that sweet words have no feelings at all.

It’s a cute song about knowing that you are not a good person, but can’t help but feel my heart pounding when you’re invited by sweet words. Jeongyeon, who was in charge of being the girl crush and had a strong image of being cool, had a lot of fans who were thrilled by the gap in the girly lyrics she wrote.

And what’s more remarkable about this song is Sana’s part. It is said that the part of Sana called “ah ohh ah sweet talker” at the beginning and end of the song is too sweet and cute, and it is said that Sana has become a SWEET TALKER for fans.

Please pay attention to the cute lyrics written by Jeongyeon and the cute voice of Sana.


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This song “STUCK” is recorded at the end of the mini-album “What Is Love?” Released in April 2018.

The song depicts pretending not caring at all, but in reality, one felt a feeling of falling in love from the time they met, and before even noticing it, one fell in love at first sight and became more and more addicted to the depths of love.

What is remarkable about this song is that it will be one song together with the lead singer of the album, “What is Love?”. The chorus part of “STUCK” is a homage to the bridge part of “What is Love?”, And if you compare the two songs, you can see that the melody is almost the same.

The lyrics also end with “What is love? I wanna know” in “What is Love?”, While “My heart is stuck on you” in “STUCK”. It ends with my heart never leaving you.

The song What is love in the “What is Love?” album is the first song of TWICE. Indulging in fantasy, the girl who is looking forward to the encounter of fate is sung, and you can see the connection that you met the fateful partner in the last recorded song “STUCK” and fell in love.

The narrative nature of “STUCK”, which is composed by combining it with the major song “What is Love?”, Can only be said to be wonderful.


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“Precious Love” is a broken heart song included in the album “PAGE TWO” released in April 2016. The feature of this song is a refreshing tone though it is a broken heart song, and there is no sad atmosphere with the melancholy that is common in broken heart songs.

TWICE, which was a newcomer shortly after its debut, is a cheerful song that is cute but sad without changing the young image like a puppy.

The content is that she realizes the importance of her after parting, and it is sung that she should come back and make her sad, but it is not a catastrophe after an adult romance and a big romance that has undergone twists and turns. Can be read.

Chaeyoung is in charge of singing, which is an important point of the song, and Tzuyu and TWICE’s manner line are in charge of the modulation part that enters immediately after the chorus in the second half because she is experiencing a young love that has reached a catastrophe due to a trivial fight or passing. The taste of this song comes out where you are doing.

Because the two young people sing, their straight and honest feelings collide with each other, so you can feel the sadness that makes your chest even tighter.


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“TURTLE”, which is the number one hidden masterpiece of TWICE, is a song included in the album “Twicetagram” released in 2017. This song is based on the fairy tale “Rabbit and Turtle”, so the title was “TURTLE”.

It is a song that compares the rabbit and the turtle competing in a fairy tale as a love song, and it is cute that the lyrics drawn by the rabbit side as a girl and the turtle side as a boy are sung in a soft tone of the acoustic guitar.

The girl on the rabbit side realized that you liked me, but before that, I felt like I liked you one or two steps further.  However, the turtle boy is cautious and slowly develops his feelings for love.

Rabbit noticed that they are attracted to each other, and are waiting in front of their goals, but their love is accelerating as they become more and more attracted to turtles. The rust that the melody rises as if expressing the feelings of such a rabbit is the highlight of this song.

Can you wait with such a big feeling? Can you bear it? I’m worried, but I’m waiting for you to catch up with my feelings someday, so it’s a cute song that beautifully expresses the fairy tale rabbit and turtle.

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