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Best Korean Movies on Netflix in English 2022

Looking for some Korean movies for your fun movie night? Here are some of the best Korean movies on Netflix for your movie night!

I’m a huge movie buff. I watch movies in just about every language possible – English, Spanish, French, almost every Japanese language and of course, Korean. But I must say, I do have a special fondness for Korean movies because the stories are so unique.

No matter what genre I am in the mood for, I know I will find something fantastic to watch. It’s really difficult to list just 10 of the Best Korean Movies on Netflix, but here you go:

Which are the best Korean movies English on Netflix?

Here’s are the best Korean movies on Netflix for your movie night:

  • Tune In For Love – Romance
  • High Society – Drama
  • Svaha: The Sixth Finger – Suspense, Horror
  • Psychokinesis – Action, Fantasy
  • Lucid Dream – Science Fiction, Thriller 

Top English – Korean Movies on Netflix

Best Korean Movies on NetflixGenreEditor’s rating
Tune In For LoveRomance7.1/10
BurningPsychological Thriller7.5/10
High SocietyDrama6/10
Svaha: The Sixth FingerSuspense, Horror6.5/10
PsychokinesisAction, Fantasy6/10
ForgottenThriller, Mystery7.5/10
Lucid DreamScience Fiction, Thriller6/10
26 YearsDrama, Thriller6.5/10
The President’s BarberDrama, Comedy7/10
The BrosComedy6.5/10

Read on for reviews on the Best Korean Movies on Netflix:

Tune In For Love

Best Korean Movies on Netflix For Sweetness and Romance

Ready for some slow, heartfelt, intimate romance? Tune in for love has all of that and more. It’s the story of a teenager and a student who meet in the 1990’s, right in the middle of the IMF crisis.

10 best korean movies on netflix 2020

They develop feelings towards each other, but as is the case with many true life stories, the timing isn’t right. They drift apart and adulthood takes over with its challenges, but the two keep in touch despite being many miles apart from each other.

Tune in for love is a very slow-paced, but beautifully made film. Throughout the movie, you can’t help but admire the love and friendship shared by the two main characters in it.  

Genre: Romance  |  Age Rating: 15+ 

Director: Ji-woo Jung | Release Date: 5th November 2019  | Run Time: 2 hr 2 min


Best Korean Movies on Netflix For Metaphors

Burning is slow, like reaaaalll slow. But it’s also very, very deep. The movie kept my brain engaged throughout. Burning is loosely based on Haruki Murakami’s book, and I must say it’s done justice to the writer’s slow build up in his books. 

best korean movies on netflix canada

When you start watching burning, it all seems to simple – a boy bumps into a girl from his past and he agrees to take care of her cat. But as the movie progresses, there are layers after layers that are lifted to reveal more about human nature. Nothing is as it seems. 

Burning may not be enjoyed by those who love a fast paced action flick, but if you like art thrillers, you must give this movie a try. 

Genre: Psychological Thriller | Age Rating: 18+ 

Director: Chang-Dong Lee | Release Date: 17th May 2018 | Run Time: 2 hr 28 min

High Society

Best Korean Movies on Netflix For Reflection

High Society does feel a bit like it jumped off the popular web series House of Cards, but it’s enjoyable nevertheless. The story follows an economics professor who enters politics and his wife who works in an art gallery and wants to move up the ladder. 

best korean movies on netflix romance

The super ambitious couple will go to any extent, and I mean, ANY extent to become successful and popular, including putting their morals and relationship in the backseat. High Society is quite interesting and makes you reflect on what you are willing to give up to reach the top. 

Genre: Drama | Age Rating: 18+

Director: Hyuk Byun | Release Date: 29th August 2018 | Run Time: 2 hrs 

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Best Korean Movies on Netflix For Horror Lovers 

I have an affinity towards scary, monster movies, no matter how cheesy they are. If you are anything like me, I’m sure you will love Svaha: The Sixth Finger. The movie has religion, cult, spirits or ghosts, and even a pastor. 

best korean movies on netflix australia

In fact, the movie is based on a pastor who is investigating the actions of a religious cult indulging in shady practices and is trying to expose the cult. Storyline aside, the makings of a good horror movie lie in the audio, being able to give the audience the right jumps at the right places. 

The visual effects are also very important and this is something that very few movie makers manage to achieve. Svaha might be a controversial story, but watch it with an open mind cos the audio and video are simply superb.  

Genre: Suspense, Horror | Age Rating: 15+

Director: Jae-hyun Jang | Release Date: February 20, 2019 | Run Time: 2 hrs 2 min


Best Korean Movie on Netflix For Superhero Film Lovers

I can never get bored watching a film with Superman, Spiderman, Batman or any of the zillion other superheroes in our world. So, Psychokinesis kept me happily munching on my popcorn as it took me through the story of Shin Seok-heon who suddenly gains superpowers after drinking water affected by a meteor.

This dad uses his powers to save his daughter and his neighborhood from a construction company run by a mafia gang. I really liked this movie because it is about an average guy, who has a regular job and is quite helpless, who turns powerful. The movie has a lot of heart and got me quite emotional as well. 

best romantic korean movies on netflix

Genre: Action, Fantasy | Age Rating: 15+

Director: Sang-Ho Yeon | Release Date: 25th April 2018 | Run Time: 1 hr 41 min


Best Korean Movie on Netflix For Plot Twists and Turns

Watching Forgotten was like being on a rollercoaster. This mystery thriller kept me on the edge of my seat with so many plot twists and turns, where it was totally unexpected. Jin-Seok’s older brother is kidnapped and released after 19 days. But when he comes back, there is something strangely different about him. Plus he does not remember anything from his kidnapping.

best scary korean movies on netflix

As the movie progresses and Jin-Seok tries to understand his brother, there are unpredictable twists, supported by the perfect camera and sound work, which is what makes these movies a success. And by success, I mean, leaving the audience with chills and goosebumps. 

Genre: Mystery, Thriller | Age Rating: 15+

Director: Hang-Jun Jang | Release Date: 29th November 2017 | Run Time: 1hr 48 min

Lucid Dream

Best Korean Movie on Netflix For Sci-Fi Movie Buffs

A lot of movies have been made loosely based on lucid dreaming, the most popular being Inception. Lucid Dream, in my opinion, is a lighter movie when compared to Inception, but very gripping, nevertheless.

best rated korean movies on netflix

The plot is about an investigative journalist who is trying to track down the whereabouts of his son who was kidnapped 3 years ago, with the help of his friend who is a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist takes him through the process of lucid dreaming to recall his memories of the day when his son was kidnapped.

The film is fast-paced, with hardly any slow stretches. The actors are incredible, especially when it comes to portraying anger, frustration, and other emotions. 

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller | Age Rating: 15+

Director: Joon-Sung Kim | Release Date: 2nd June 2017 | Run Time: 1hr 41min

26 Years

Best Korean Movie on Netflix For Suspense

This drama thriller is about a group of people seeking revenge for a massacre that occurred 26 years ago during which each person in the covert group lost someone close to them. The unique and unusual group includes a CEO of a large company, a policeman, a gangster, a national shooter and a director of a security firm. 

best horror korean movies on netflix

Each one has their own strengths and together they form a formidable power, great enough to plot and take down the ex-president who was responsible for the killing. The movie is mostly fast paced, though it does slow down at times. There are enough twists to keep it interesting from start to finish.  

Genre: Drama, Thriller | Age Rating: 15+

Director: Geun-Hyun Cho | Release Date: 29th November 2012 | Run Time: 2 hrs 15 min

The President’s Barber

Best Korean Movie on Netflix For Political Satire

And now for some comedy! Though The President’s Barber is over 15 years old, the movie is still hilarious and heartwarming. It is about the journey of a barber to the president and his family over four decades.

best romantic comedy korean movies on netflix

Korea’s history changes a lot over the years and the experiences of the barber and his only son are funny for the most part, but also sweet and pull at your heart’s strings. The cinematography and editing is excellent, which contributes to this movie being interesting throughout.

The actors are at their best, each one, even the little boy, emoting to perfection. 

Genre: Drama, Comedy | Age Rating: All age groups | 

Director: Chan-Sang Lim | Release Date: 5th May 2004 | Run Time: 1 hr 56 min

The Bros

Best Korean Movie on Netflix For Family Comedy

Saturday nights are meant to be spent on the couch with your favourite people watching a good comedy flick. I chose “The Bros” on one such Saturday evening and was pleasantly surprised.

best crime korean movies on netflix

The Story is about two brothers who don’t care much to be involved in each other’s lives, even at the stage where they meet up for their father’s funeral. However, life changes when they hit a lady accidentally with their car and she starts revealing a lot of family secrets after she loses her memory in the accident. 

Genre: Comedy | Age Rating: All age groups | 

Director: You-Jeong Jang | Release Date: 2nd November 2017 | Run Time: 1 hr 42 min

Night in Paradise

Night in Paradise is a classic crime thriller which is extremely fun to watch. It’s a perfect pack of violence, action as well as have emotional turns in between. Night in Paradise is directed by Park Hoon-Jung. 

The story is about a guy, Tae Goon, who flees to Jeju Island after having a major family crisis. He meets Kim Jae-yeon when the story takes a topsy-turvy turn. Kim has an illness and has very less time on Earth and they both build a great connection later. 

The story is edge-gripping and will definitely engage you till the end. It’s one of the best Korean Movies on Netflix. 

Seoul Searching

Seoul Searching is a 2015 Korean movie that is full of drama and romance. It’s directed by Benson Lee. Seoul Searching is a great coming of age movie to enjoy with friends. The story is about a group of teens who meet during the summer camp in Korea. 

All these teenages belong to different backgrounds and have stories to tell and learn about each other’s culture and heritage. They find peace in each other’s friendship and support. You’ll definitely fall in love with the characters as the acting is well done. 

The film involves a different sense of humour and is a light watch.

The Drug King

The Drug King is the best Korean movie that I’ve seen in recent times. It’s packed with crime, action and underworld drama. It’s directed by Woo Min-ho and was released in December 2018. This movie is set in the 1970s about a smuggler in Busan. 

This drug peddler rises on top of the Japanese drugs and narcotics trade and is a very powerful movie. The movie is very brilliantly executed and the story line is another amazing thing about it. Do watch this movie on Netflix. 


Okja is another amazing Korean movie to watch which involves social issues and adventure. It was directed by Bong Joon-ho and was released in 2017. The story is about an Elephant, Okja and it’s caretaker Mija and is set in the mountains of South Korea. 

The Story takes a very sad turn when Okja is transported to New York by Mirando Corporation. Mija then determines to rescue Okja and sets out on a mission for the same. This movie will make you realise how animal friends are so dear and important. 

Okja’s cast is amazing and the acting is even better. You’ll find this movie to be one of the best Korean movies on Netflix.

What is the most interesting Korean movie?

The Drug King is one of the most interesting Korean movies on Netflix. It’s about a drug peddler who rises on top of the Japanese drugs and narcotics trade. It’s set in the 1970s.  It’s packed with crime, action and underworld drama. It’s directed by Woo Min-ho and was released in December 2018.

What are the best Korean romance movies on Netflix?

Some of the best Korean romance movies on Netflix are Tunein for Love, Seoul Searching and Love Me Not.

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